Blink-182’s New Album and the Hermeneutics of AI Suspicion

Author's Note: The Illness Revelations have not ever gotten to the good parts, because they've stalled as I was trying to write these AI articles, and didn't feel like writing them, so kept procrastinating with filler. However, we are really rolling now. This article contains one of the biggest and most important ideas of the AI section of the revelations, and we are close to being able to move on.

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Memetic Monday: I May Not Agree with Your Prompt, But I’ll Die for Your Right to Type It

Good memes here and you're also in for another fascinating treat: the dawn of a months-long campaign of aggressive e-begging, which relies on emotional manipulation, in particular flooding the reader with an intense sense of personal guilt for letting down me, a personal friend. I am forced to ask myself how could [INSERT YOUR NAME], my dear personal friend with whom I have a very meaningful parasocial relationship, leave me struggling to keep the site online? If you are already feeling enough shame and guilt, please email me at, and I will send you a unique BTC address. If you haven't yet begun to respond to the aggressive and psychologically-based emotional manipulation campaign, well then, I advise you to still go ahead and get ready for it. Because if you have any heart at all, the guilt will soon set in, and you will be sending me massive amounts of cold, hard crypto.

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