£244 Million is Wasted Each Year in Britain on Teaching Our Enemy’s Brats How to Speak English

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
December 1, 2014

Teaching children in schools who are unable to speak English is costing the taxpayer £244million a year and the Daily Mail would like you to think its all Romanians, when Bangladeshis have two to three times as many brats as Romanians do.

It is no wonder authentic British children are failing in their education when all the resources that should be theirs are being directed to their enemies instead.

An incredible £244 million out of the education budget is being wasted on teaching non-British children to speak English.

The figures have risen by £40 million in just three years and goes to the schools which have the most amount of foreigners in them.

This is then wasted on bilingual teaching assistants, specialist teachers for the brats and even interpreters for the parents.


Daily Mail:

Professor Alan Smithers, the director of the Centre for Education and Employment Research at Buckingham University, said: ‘The teaching of English to pupils from abroad is taking up a large chunk of money at a time when expenditure on education is severely constrained, placing extra stress on our schools.’

He added: ‘This is of great concern to parents.

‘I know of parents who are so concerned about the impact of large numbers of pupils from abroad on the education of their own children that they have taken steps to move them to schools where they can concentrate on their studies without the distraction of non-native speakers.’

Recent figures revealed that the number of schoolchildren with English as a second language has leapt by a third in just five years, with more than 1.1 million now using another language in the home.

And last year there were 240 schools where 90 per cent or more of pupils did not have English as their native tongue. There were also five schools where not a single child grew up learning English as their first language.

This is what we are paying for.

Thanks to the huge increase in numbers, native British children are being forced to learn outside in sheds in class sizes of thirty and over, while the foreign pupils often get one on one teaching with their bilingual assistants.

At least one million more school places will need to be created and paid for over the next decade, with the majority of those being for the offspring of those who hate us.

An extra £5 billion has been demanded just for 2015 alone.

This is not about equality, this is about forcing the British people to pay for their own replacements to be trained.

The only solution to this problem is nationalism and the sooner people realize it the better.