80% of Britain’s Population Growth in the Last Decade is Due to Immigration

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
November 29, 2014

White babies will soon be as rare as hen’s teeth in Britain if things don’t change soon.

Shocking new figures have been released by Migration Watch which show that four fifths of Britain’s population growth in the last decade has been down to the foreign parasites brought into the country by our Jew-loving politicians.

3.8 million out of the 4.6 million total expansion in numbers has been down to the unwanted dross from other countries spawning in ours.

The official figures appear lower because they do not include the offspring of the counterfeit Britons that the government has already treacherously given British citizenship to.

Cameron is expected to talk about reducing the number of freeloaders that he hands our once precious passports to, in his speech today to members of the EU.


But Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migration Watch, said: “This is about population growth, not about ­citizenship. Those born in the UK to settled immigrant parents are British citizens, irrespective of their parents’ country of birth.

“That said, it is now undeniable that the massive scale of net migration has been the main cause of our population growth and that, in the future, our population growth is likely to be almost entirely due to migration.

“The conventional official statistics published by the Office for National Statistics do not make this clear.” He added: “The reality is that even if net migration is bought down to 165,000 a year, we will, in the next 25 years, have to build the equivalent of 10 cities the size of Birmingham – amounting to almost twice the population of Scotland.”

Migration Watch estimated that net migration accounted for 84 per cent of Britain’s population growth between 2001 and 2012, far higher than the Office for National ­Statistics’ 57 per cent estimate. The pressure group claimed that official figures failed to take into account of births to immigrant parents.

Official forecasts could also have “seriously under­estimated” the size of a looming population boom, Migration Watch warned.

With longer life expectancy and lower infant mortality, official forecasts suggest the country’s population is on course to reach 90 million by the end of the century. ­Migration Watch believes it could be even higher.

It cannot be long now before even the mainstream parties start talking about repatriation, it is either that or concrete over every patch of green land just to house the useless creatures.

This used to actually mean something.