A Gullible Goy

Peter Quiggins
March 31, 2013


It was the loss of Quiggins in 2006 that caused a reaction in me and forced me to question and intensely study the regime now in power. They use a twisted Ideology to control, and inwardly manage our nation downwards. My devastating loss of a unique cultural business became a strength for me. Inspiring me to scrutinize and search, looking back at my historical knowledge and track the workings of those involved in the destruction. I asked myself how I had not recognised it sooner, and started to draw on the memories of my early business experiences and the people I helped, recalling on one particular memory of a long standing unwritten contract I’d had with an organisation which at the time never occurred would have a massive destructive impact not only on me and our little community but on the whole cultural foundation of Great Britain.

In about 1981 I was finding it very difficult getting on to the employment ladder in and around Liverpool so decided to go the route of self employment instead of relying on the conventional route. It was the new government initiative called ‘enterprise allowance’ that motivated me to go self-employed. This was an allowance that gave advocates an inducement of £40 a week life line if they failed to get work. At the time I had a small pick-up truck that I regularly used for small random jobs for friends and relatives. This inspired me to go in to transport and commercial removals.  I was accepted on the scheme along with others as one of the first groups on Merseyside.

As I now needed an accountant, I searched the city and chose King Nagley and Bakerman to represent my new business. I remained with this practice for about 14 years. My accountant was a polite sort of guy, fanatical for detail and control so staying with him seemed a logical route as accountancy was not the sort of area of business I personally liked to get involved with so having this accountant my thinking was he may discipline me to organise the future of my business and keep it in order!

It was during my first year of being with him when he approached me, asking if I would like to do a small job delivering a large amount of camping equipment to a camp site in north Wales. The job was to be done over 4 split random days that may not be profitable and may even isolate my truck for periods that could render me unable to make wages for the 4 days of isolation. Telling me it was for a kids youth club and that he was a voluntary scout leader, I thought it was a good gesture from him to do this for kids and so compassionately I also offered to give him a helping hand at the next event, an arrangement if he paid the costs! It turned out my accountant was a scout leader attached to Jewish Youth a boys and Girls scout brigade based in Harold House, which was relative to the King David Jewish school both based in the location of Childwall, well known as the Jewish area of Liverpool.

At the time nothing connected politically, although I would soon learn this was the area were Liverpool’s controlling Jewish elite all reside- leading councillors, legal solicitors and the controlling business infrastructure of Liverpool-well known faces I would come to recognise. I observed known individuals many times over the years attending what I come to believe as a strange singular club for business and or worship!

Back then was I being blessed by the hand of the controlling few or was I just another gullible goy being shepherded because of my ‘weaknesses’-compassion.

I got to recognise most of the kids, parents and relatives during this time, on occasions when travelling to the camp site I had accompanying me in my truck volunteer parents, passengers who would sit in conversation amongst each other. I would sit attentively listening as each built a picture of their personalities for me to overhear. Most appearing to take delight in strutting a far superior image over me just being the mere van driver. It was not hard to recognise I was not part of their culture or community and not hard for them to let me know it, even the youth had a similar attitude as well as having a guarded detached like stare towards me, as if it being part of there genetic make up. I would often over the years question myself what are these youth being told about people outside of their little community. I was offering my services to these people for a token, a gesture to help out my Jewish accountant as well as them and still I felt I was encroaching. I always left the camp feeling as if they were doing me a favour which become a bit of an irritant.

For 14 years I naively continued to do this job for these people always for a nominal cost. It was always done the same way year after year. Me arriving at the site and then being hurriedly moved off after unloading leaving them to enjoy what I eventually realised to be their little private Shoah, a bonding break for self flagellation.

Yet I never would have believed that the people I had volunteered to help back in the early 80’s into the 90’s taking their kids for their annual bank holiday would be the same people who would eventually destroy my business Quiggins. These are the people I now nick name the kosher Childwall mafia, leading key figures who controlled the infrastructure of Liverpool city council all anti-British and hell bent on dismantling Liverpool’s culture.

Since leaving the city I have intensely studied the reasons why such destructive forces were working against us. I well understand now why Quiggins was destroyed. Independent culture is being corralled into all government funded quangos for their Ideology to control and manipulate. This nepotistic recruiting kosher mafia is not just embedded in this city council they have secured themselves senior positions in Town Halls up and down Great Britain. Well placed quality controlling Jewish Zionist ideology objectives and are displacing other more common sense ideas. Everything has become anti-English, anti-family anti-White carefully rolled up in politically correct word play to brow beat the White in to submission.

In Liverpool and across Great Britain groups like this kosher Childwall mafia find it easy to make cross party alliances as they occupy all seats available in all the parties to secure control over the masses. It is a tactical procedure embedded into their culture during times like the Jewish youth Shoah gatherings I spoke of above, this world wide Jewish Youth start out in branches like the B’nai B’rith world wide Jewish freemasonry organisation to instil Jewish Zionist supremacy over the Goy.

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