A Look into the Mind of an Antifascist

Daily Stormer
January 9, 2014

The following comments were posted yesterday, by an ‘antifascist’ on the now-classic Lou Reed article I wrote for Daily Stormer.

(This is a screenshot from the interface where admins can view comments.)
(This is a screenshot from the interface where admins can view comments.)

Let us ask ourselves – do we know any ‘fascists’ who would make such vile statements as these?

Though I am sure there are some people who identify as “Neo-Nazis” who may perhaps use such language when addressing their ideological opponents, I have yet to come into contact with one.

The opposition, while claiming the moral high ground, is obsessed with death threats and perverse, disgusting language. Whenever they come into contact with anyone who does not agree with their oppressively dogmatic belief system, they respond with childlike outrage.

Meanwhile, we ‘fascists’ are merely asking for an opportunity to debate our opponents in an open and independently moderated public forum.

We might also note the situation in Greece and other places where Marxists are confronting nationalists, where the nationalists are free and open with their personal identities, readily appearing on camera and walking proudly down the street, while the antifa cowards mask their faces and run in packs, singling out vulnerable persons – often old people, women and the disabled – to attack.

I have personally been entirely open with my own identity and personal life, and yet am repeatedly attacked by invisible internet persons.

Even without the opportunity to openly discuss our ideas with the opposition, a casual observer can note without judgment that we on the alleged “far right” deal openly and honestly, while our enemies hide in the shadows and attempt to silence any form of open discussion of the problems which plague us, using vile, hateful language and threats of physical violence.

The “antifa” have even gone so far as to celebrate their spinelessness in their iconography, proudly portraying themselves as faceless cowards.





What sort of a people takes pride in lacking the courage to attach their name and face to their own belief system? More than this – what sort of a belief system is so weak as to not drive a man to stand up and be counted, to declare his name and that of his fathers before him as standing behind it, body and soul?

As for me, I shall shall sign the name which my father gave me on my beliefs, and if this means I die for these beliefs, then let me go, boys.

Better men than me have died for less.


Hail Victory.
Andrew Anglin