A New People in the Becoming

H Millard
Western Spring
August 11, 2014

Just say no to miscegenation.

As you read on, you will see that I often use the phrase “some of us.”  This is intentional.  I don’t speak for everyone.  I really just speak for myself, but I’m certain that some others think much as I do, so I include them in “some” but I don’t want to presume that everyone who reads this thinks as I do and I don’t want to get into brother and sister disputes over trivial differences. We must turn our cannon outwards and stop shooting inward at our own kind.

Our own kind?  Yes, our kind are the White kind.  We are the non-Jewish White people.

If you are White, meaning that you are the offspring of two non-Jewish White parents who are the offspring of two non-Jewish White parents, and so on, then you and I are alike, at least in the important taxonomic category–White people.

Of course, in addition to being White, I think I have the so-called “White racist gene,” for which I am eternally happy, since it gives me and other Whites who have it a survival advantage.  Perhaps you have it too.  In fact, it may be that almost all Whites have it,  I hope so.  But, in some it may be weaker than in others or it may have  been overridden by societal brainwashing, or it may be recessive in them, but has been passed on to their White children as dominant.  For those who have been brainwashed, I hope we can help them deprogram themselves and learn to be the White people they were born to be and to stop being alienated from who and what they are.

At any rate, some of  us Whites–who feel White–use many names to describe who we are as we search for a single and simple word to define our identity, and many of us switch back and forth among terms. Some of us use European-American. I’ve used that term on occasion, but I don’t really care for it because I think it’s sort of a weasel term and is too broad.  I’ve also used White Nationalist, but this term has a political connotation to it, and my sense of White identity is bigger than that and subsumes all other lesser definitions.  I am White. I believe in Whiteness. It is my nation.  It is my religion. It is my politics. It is my philosophy. It is my world view. It is the whole of me.  Again, maybe you feel the same way. I hope so.

One point I want to make is  that simply saying we are White is not enough. Not only are we White, we–some of us–also have White beliefs and White actions that set us apart from those Whites who do not share these things with us.  In other words, and as I discuss further on, we are a new people aborning out of the White masses.  We are starting to diverge from the White trunk. We are different.

The feminine ideal

This searching for a name that correctly identifies us is not a trivial matter.  We humans have to give names to things to correctly think about them. Once, it was common to call us Aryans–which is the broader sense simply meant “a non-Jewish White person of European descent.”  But, that term has fallen into disfavor for reasons we probably all understand, even if we don’t agree with the reasons.

Nowadays, I prefer to call myself an Awakened White or an Aware White, or even an Awakened Aware White, at least when discussing such things with those who have little understanding of the deeper genetically determined spiritual nature and totality of my beliefs and world view.

What is the one thing that all Awakened and Aware Whites  agree on?  It is that we are White people and we know it. We like who we are. We want to survive and expand our kind. Call it our belief in Whiteness.  Now, please excuse my presumptuousness both in lumping you in with the terms Awakened and Aware, if you do not like these terms, and of presuming that you believe in what I call Whiteness. But, as I’ve already indicated, in a search for terms that unify us, I must use some terms, even if tentative, to get past our present lack of identity.  We must call ourselves something to understand that we are different from others who do not fit our definition and name for ourselves.

What sets us apart from other White people? I think it is our belief in Whiteness.  We share the same general genes for Whiteness with other Whites, but some of us believe, to repeat myself, that those of us who are truly aware and awakened may have the so-called “racist gene,” which haters of White people use as a disparaging term, but which we believe, if it exists, may actually be a series of genes that gives us a heightened sense of who and what we are and gives us a survival advantage not only in our daily lives but in the long view of future history since it helps us avoid miscegenation which some of us call bedroom genocide.

Some of us believe that our highest individual and group goal is not just a spiritual enlightenment, as you will read about in some religions and philosophies, but both a spiritual enlightenment and a genetic one in which we become a new species incapable of breeding with other forms of humans.  We believe the new species will look pretty much as the ideal of our type looks and which has been immortalized in statues since early Greek and Roman days. If you wonder what this new White species will look like, just view some of those old statutes.  That’s where we are headed.

To be clear, some of us say that those of us who have the White racist gene, and who are Awakened and Aware Whites, are a new people being born out of the old Whites who lack the White racist gene and who cannot be awakened and made aware of their essential Whiteness and who, for whatever reason, are so corrupted and weak in their White essence that they are a lost cause.

The masculine ideal

I believe that at least some of us Whites are on an evolutionary path toward specieshood.  And, that if things go right, we will eventually become a new species of human that can no longer breed with those unlike us.  Some of us also believe in rapid evolution, and we’ve seen this in other types of organisms that have become new species via their often accidental placement in conditions where the basic forces of evolution work best and work fast.  The difference between these other organisms and us is that we seek to consciously evolve and we know the conditions that help this along.  What are these conditions? The most essential is to avoid all gene flow in or out of our kind.  Then, we must live in relatively small populations of our kind alone. The third thing is to live in areas where the environmental pressures work on us in ways that are beneficial for our evolution along the correct trajectory that is best for us.  In fact, this is how we Whites evolved in the first place. We split off from darker peoples and we moved to Europe where the sunlight was dim and where there were many rainy days. Then, we bred in small groups and natural selection favored the ones born with adaptations for such environmental conditions. We became White as we replaced those who were not White.  And, along the way, we developed our particular bone structure, head shapes and other things that we see in the most evolved of our kind who have not been as corrupted by gene flow as some others.

Not all present day White family lines are going to evolve.  Some are going to die off via miscegenation or no births or low births or simply by accidents and fate.  But, I am confident that some White family lines are going to survive and evolve and eventually expand to replace earlier forms. It is up to each of us as individuals to try to make sure that our family lines will be the ones to survive, expand and evolve.  And, this truly is an individual responsibility. We are not born as couples, but as individuals. Each male and female of our kind should try to have as many White children as possible.  And, this is not necessarily an altruistic undertaking as some of us believe that the only provable “afterlife” is the one found in our genes that we pass on, and that we will continue on so long as our genes are passed on to our descendants who breed White.

Today, due largely to mass transportation of millions of darker peoples to our ancestral White  lands, we are in danger of devolving as their genes enter our gene pool.  This is made worse for us by our own low birthrates.  So, we’re hit with a double whammy.  More of their genes are coming in and fewer of our genes are being born.  The result is that mating choices for our fewer born Whites increasingly include non-Whites. When a White has children with a non-White, the child cannot be White.  It is impossible. A White must have a White mother and a White father.  There is no other way to produce one of us.  And, the reasons for this are found in the reality of recessive and dominant genes and basic genetic realities, the details of which we don’t have to go into here.  It is enough to know that Whites must only breed with our fellow Whites and that we need to do it more often to bring more Whites into existence.  Our continued existence and our evolution depend on it.

Individual responsibility.