A Note to Alex Jones Re: Militarizaton of the Police

Daily Stormer
November 26, 2014

Your comment, Mr. Jones?
Your comment, Mr. Jones?

The libertarians are constantly on about how horrible and evil the cops are, and how bad it is that they have been “militarized.”

However, as the situation in Ferguson demonstrates, we need these cops and we need them militarized.  Otherwise, the militarized Black population would murder us all.

It was very funny to see Alex Jones on the same side as Barack Obama and Eric Holder talking about the “brutality” of the Ferguson police.

Sure, some cops are just faggots who got made fun of in high school and now want power to make themselves feel big.  But most of them are good people, who signed up for that job because they have an instinct to protect people.

I’ve had bad experiences with cops and I’ve had bad experiences with Blacks.  I have had a lot more bad experiences with Blacks than I have with cops.

And objectively – statistically – the Blacks, and not the cops, are the threat.