A Tale of Pathological Altruism or ‘Why do I Keep Going Back After Being Raped Once Already’

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
July 31, 2014

Kimberley Smith with her pets.

This is a perfect example of pathological altruism – how the natural desire to help our own people has been twisted into a desire to help other races, to the detriment of our own.

As much as life tries to push this woman back onto the right path, she refuses to listen and insists on heading straight back into the jungle to get bitten once more.

Huffington Post:

For the last decade, Kimberly Smith and her husband have provided complete care and protection from slave trafficking to more than 1,500 Sudanese women and children, but it’s come at a steep personal cost.

Slave trafficking is how these people have always lived. The entire economy of Negro Africa has always been based on slavery. They are incapable of doing anything else but slavery – as we see in South Africa and Zimbabwe, they cannot even plant a seed on their own and wait for it to grow.

They need to be protected from slave trafficking about as much as we need to be protected from farming.

Smith is the CEO and founder of Make Way Partners, a Christian mission agency committed to protecting and training local communities to provide “everything it takes to raise a child within their own culture by their own indigenous leaders.” But she told HuffPost Live’s Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani that during her time in South Sudan, she’s been the victim of multiple attacks.

How condescending is this? They need White people to provide what it takes for their own indigenous leaders to raise them? It is not surprising she has been the victim of several attacks – why would the Blacks respect a person who believes they need to be taught how to run their own lives?

She really is under a ‘strong delusion’.

Make Way Partners first opened the orphanage on the border of North and South Sudan at the height of the Darfur crisis, which made the area particularly vulnerable. Smith shared a harrowing incident that happened when she was out looking for a child they had been caring for.

“I had really gone out too far on my own,” Smith said. “I came down along the river and ran along the side of Islamic Darfuri refugees … and they attacked me not knowing who I was or what I was doing, beat me pretty severely and raped me.”

They knew exactly who she was: she was the White woman. That is why they raped her. That is what they do when they see an attractive woman, it is like a mare in season walking past a stallion to them. It is their natural way of mating, that is why they had no equivalent word for ‘rape’ until the White man came and taught them one, yet still they don’t fully understand what the word means.

The idea of gaining consent has no meaning to them, it seems alien and strange as it goes against all their instincts. Does a gorilla gain consent first?

The soldiers of the Congo Army say they rape any women they see and then beat them up afterwards because it makes them feel “free.” They have a natural inclination to do this – their yearning for freedom manifests in rape and violence. They are different to us and this woman fails to see that because she is projecting her own values and character onto them, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Despite the incident, Smith has continued her efforts in Darfur to help orphans overcome similar traumas and setbacks. She explained that part of what has kept her going is understanding the “collective psychic trauma.”

They do not have “collective psychic trauma,” they ARE a collective of psychic trauma, traumatizing any White people who have the misfortune to be among them.

Instead of devoting her time to orphans of another sub-species like this, why does she not devote her time to White orphans in her own country? She will never make a difference in Africa and those very orphans she is wasting her time on will grow-up to show exactly the same behavior patterns as those savages who raped her anyway.

If she was in her own country working with White orphans she could actually be making a difference, but instead of that her altruism has been distorted and deflected from where it should be to where it shouldn’t.

This is the reason why a healthy amount of racism needs to be encouraged among White people. If she saw these Blacks as we see them, she would not be wasting her time on them, but would be working with White adoption agencies and actually helping the world, rather than wasting all her resources by trying to do the impossible.

Why is she helping her competitors for living resources, when they are already breeding way to fast for us to cope with? You would think she would get the hint after being raped once already by them. Why does she not help the White orphans in South Africa who are no longer receiving government funding instead?