A Wyatt Mann was Right

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 29, 2014

In the 1990s, famous Antisemitic and racist cartoonist Ben Garrison wrote did cartoons under the pen-name “A Wyatt Mann,” as he was at that time trying to infiltrate and bring down the government and needed to remain undercover.

All of his predictions made in those cartoons have since come to pass.

a wyatt mann adrian brody niomi watts king kong kikes kikes kikes a wyatt mann defendent a wyatt mann chinese dog eater a wyatt mann borat a wyatt mann jew porno just being white a wyatt mann cliton gross dykes a wyatt man was right stealing white women faggots a wyatt mann eWOjI8D a wyatt man puffy jew uXvGnb1 CEIvm

Bonus!  Some other more recently found A Wyatt Mann (Ben Garrison) images:

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I would be very interested in hosting the entire A Wyatt Mann collection, if someone wants to put it together.  It would also be nice if someone with photoshop skills could clean them up and have them all high res and high dimensions (at least 700px wide).

Tom Metzger has many of the pics over at the WAR site, but they are all regrettably very low res.  Given that the images are just black and white, someone should be able to, rather easily, fix them up.  It would be a great service, as these cartoons are all fantastic.

After we get them all together, we could also launch a coloring contest.  This is extremely useful propaganda, and it is not yet being used to full effect.

Please let me know.