About Shooting Yourself in the Foot

Varg Vikarnes
Thulean Perspective
August 27, 2013


The last month has been turbulent, for me but also and I guess in particular for my pregnant wife. Some days after the post where I talked about how I hope to be charged with racism three polite French policemen showed up at my door, with a letter to me. They were not from the Gendarmerie that we with pleasure often see here in the countryside, nor were they from DCRI, but from the Police aux Frontieres, a special branch of the Police Nationale. Yes, you might wonder what the border police was doing in Limousin, in central France, far away from the border, but some of you probably already understand why; «they» now wants to expell me from France – for «spreading racism», for «being a part of the most extreme right-wing movement» and for «encouraging people to use violence» (?!). According to the letter I am «a potential threat to the national security of France».

This naturally came because they don’t want to charge me for spreading racism; doing so would mean that I would be able to express popular opinioins and facts about the subjects in public, and «some people» really really don’t want that. This also comes because my wife is taking legal actions to get her right to own weapons again, and is also planning to take other legal actions, and this would of course be very difficult if we were not in France… or if we have no money left to do this as well, after having spent it all on legal aid to make sure that I would not be expelled.

Well, I think this is just great. If being a racist, a «right wing extremist» and encouraging others to with legal means (yeah, I know: I only encouraged people to use legal means…) resist the European genocide qualifies a foreigner in France to be expelled, then think about all the others who now can be expelled from France! This must be a change in immigration policy in France! I am intrigued: will we now see them finally expell the millions of Muslims who think it is their religious duty to either convert us to their faith or kill us if they fail? Who encourages to and also often uses violence in their struggle? Will we see them expell the hundreds of thousands of Jews, who not only think of all others as being here on Earth only to serve them as human cattle, but who also so openly express their racism in all other ways? They according to sources I have spoken to even have their own violent terrorist groups here in France, sponsored by Mr. Valls’ department, banned amongst other places in Israel (but of course not in Socialist France…)!

Now, some of these extremists already have a French citizenship, so I guess France will only expell those who have not, or perhaps those who have dual citizenship as well, but still: this is a very interesting move, from Mr. Valls’ department…

But… actually, as I see this I can now publically defend myself against the accusations of racism after all, and express my popular opinions and facts about this subject in Brive la Gaillarde, the 10th of September 2013, at 09:30, when the case is to be discussed in a court of law open to the public (Salle de la bibliotheque, Tribunal de grande instance de Brive, Boulevard du Marechal Lyautey, 19312 BRIVE LA GAILLARDE). Merci beaucoup, Mr. Valls! I appreciate it.

Life is what we make of it. I am becoming more and more satisfied with my life. I must be doing something right… HailaR WôðanaR!