Afghanistan: Talichads Cracking Down on Sluts Harder Than Ever

I’ve always backed the Taliban and their quest to crack down on women.

But I’ve also said: “This should be even worse.”

Thankfully, we’re on the same page.

Deutsche Welle:

The Taliban government in Afghanistan is carrying out stricter enforcement of religious law in Afghanistan through the deployment of “morality police,” according to a UN report published Tuesday.

The UN report said the Taliban has created a “climate of fear” since the Islamist militant group regained power in August 2021 and set up the so-called “Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice.”

In its report covering the ministry’s activities, the UN assistance mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) reported that the ministry is responsible for curtailing human rights and freedoms, particularly targeting women in a discriminatory and unfair way.

Since taking power, the Taliban have also barred girls and young women from receiving an education, while keeping women out of public jobs.

What does the report say?The report says the ministry enforces a strict interpretation of Islamic law that cracks down on personal freedoms for women and girls, while eliminating a free press and civil society.

Morality police squads have the power to scold, arrest, and punish citizens who participate in activities considered to be “un-Islamic,” including wearing “Western” hairstyles and listening to banned music.

The ministry rejected the UN report, and claimed its decrees were issued to “reform society,” and should have their “implementation ensured,” the Associated Press reported.

‘Women dare not travel without male escorts’There is a “a climate of fear and intimidation” owing to the ministry’s invasion of Afghans’ private lives, ambiguity over its legal powers, and the “disproportionality of punishments,” the report said.

The Taliban government has overseen a ban on women travelling without male escorts, enforced a conservative dress code, barred women from public parks and shut women-run businesses, the report added.

Surely, everyone understands why they’re doing this.

It’s not “irrational hatred and fear.”

Just look around in the West, and you’ll see a country where women are not cracked down on.

Then you’ll understand why the Taliban cracks down on women.

It’s just basic common sense.

Unless you want this:

Snake Baker contributed to this article.