African Female Circumcision Ritual in Pictures

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 16, 2014

What the Eurogoyim will never understand is the vibrancy of these cultures.


Reuters photographer Siegfried Modola gained access to a circumcision ceremony in rural Kenya for young girls of the Pokot tribe, in Baringo County. The traditional practice of circumcision is a rite of passage that marks the transition to womanhood and is a requirement for all girls of the tribe before they marry.

More than a quarter of girls and women in Kenya have undergone genital cutting, according to United Nations data. Despite a government ban on the life-threatening practice since 2011, the long-standing tradition remains a rite of passage for girls, particularly among poor families in rural areas.

In all honesty, I have nothing against these jungle people, and don’t even post this to make fun of them. I think it is fine that they live there and behave in this fashion. I wouldn’t take the neo-colonialist liberal position that it is our job to go in there and civilize them.

Clearly, they’ve been doing this for probably hundreds of thousands of years, it must work for them, and it surely isn’t any of my business.

Other sites tend to push the “we don’t have a desire to rule over these people we just want to be left alone” line more than we do, because for us this is simply assumed.

One might even suppose that the “real racists” are the ones who want to go to these African tribes and force a Western method of living that they will never be able to truly adapt to down on them because “muh women’s rights.”

All that having been said, looking at these people, it is rather plain to see why it is that we don’t desire them in Europe and America.

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