African Fighters Flee Jungle, Enrich Oz with Terror Threats

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
June 13, 2015

Holding a book makes him appear smart like White man.
Holding a book makes him look smart like White man.

Police in Melbourne are rushing to prevent a full-scale chimp-out on its streets following the court appearance of four sooty Congolese men, The Age reports.

Representatives will grovel to elders of Melbourne’s Congolese community and beg them not to run amok with machetes after a jury found these low-IQ monkeys guilty of charges that include multiple kidnapping. These fair-dinkum, no-wukkas, taxpayer-funded Congolese-Aussies failed to leave the jungle behind when they arrived as undeserving refugees.

The group consider themselves ‘combatants’ opposed to their country’s leader, Joseph Kabila, who is located some 100 million miles away from the civilised environment they now forage in. They hate this leader, who is totally irrelevant to the country they now inhabit, and kidnapped two Congolese adults and three mud-shiner children back in April of 2013 just to prove it.

Judge Mark Dean revealed these Congo Clickers even dressed up in paramilitary gear to “silence” those fellow kaffirs who “offended their own political views” by living “peacefully and democratically.”

Through some linguistic miracle, Judge Dean managed to read out the names of the accused — three of them brothers — Kayembe Mwamba and Mbuyi Mutombo Mwamba, 31 respectively, Pierre Blaise Mwamba, 37, and Mulalaba Madjaga, 24. Their excuse for running like black bitches to the Jew-N and begging asylum was to supposedly escape persecution. They preferred somewhere where they could do the persecuting.

The judge laid some heavy White man’s words on them before the prosecution warned the findings would “reverberate” in the Congolese community. This was a PC way of saying that these savages would most likely gather up spears, smother themselves in war paint, and swarm through the city in a tribal frenzy. This is when he suggested that big White police chief meet with Congolese savages and make peace talk.

A Melbourne street courtesy of the Jew-N's White Genocide Refugee Replacement plan.
A Melbourne street courtesy of the Jew-N’s White Genocide Refugee Replacement plan.

Worryingly, at least if you’re Congolese, the judge was unable to estimate how many more African’t militants there are, as plenty were in court whooping and chanting in support of their fellow warriors. In his own way, during his summary the Judge Dean basically admitted that diversity is short-hand for disaster when he said that the offences “struck at the heart of a civilised, democratic and pluralised society.”

Of course, it’s because that society is pluralised that they were able to strike at it in the first place. Denying the four Banjo Lips bail, he recommended using kid gloves with this community as it would likely go ape-shit.

Bizarrely, the jury were played a JewTube video clip posted by the group threatening visiting Congolese musicians with bad hurt if they were pro-Kabila. Entitled, “Congolese Australia Combatants Prohibit Congolese Music’ (lol) they made it clear that any mud minstrels not toeing the anti-government line will get tossed into a boiling pot pretty damned quick.

This triggered a video war with other Bongos from the Congo releasing videos encouraging more of their savage sort to head down under and ruin the joint.

Oh, and naturally the accused all dindunuffin and pleaded not guilty.