AI Companies Threatening to Leave California Over Jewish “Kill Switch” Regulations

If they’ll leave California because states are trying to put regulations on AI, they will leave America as well.

These are not huge companies with massive numbers of employees that have to move large factories. They can move to some Third World country with zero regulations if they have to.

I’m sure most of these guys like living in Silicon Valley, because that’s where they all live and it’s easy to recruit and work with others. But they’re not going to stop building AI because some government tells them they have to stop building AI.

The future is happening.

New York Post:

Artificial intelligence companies are pushing back against California state lawmakers’ demand that they install a “kill switch” designed to mitigate potential dangers posed by the new technology — with some threatening to leave Silicon Valley altogether.

Scott Wiener, a Democratic state senator, introduced legislation that would force tech companies to comply with regulations fleshed out by a new government-run agency designed to prevent AI companies from allowing their products to gain “a hazardous capability” such as starting a nuclear war.

This Jew AGAIN.

He’s the same Jew who is behind all of the “yes but we should be allowed to have sex with children” laws. He did solar energy and net neutrality. He supports the blacks. He invented bike lanes.

Every time some wacky thing is happening in California, it’s this same Jew pervert behind it.

Wiener and other lawmakers want to install guardrails around “extremely large” AI systems that have the potential to spit out instructions for creating disasters — such as building chemical weapons or assisting in cyberattacks — that could cause at least $500 million in damages.

The measure, supported by some of the most renowned AI researchers, would also create a new state agency to oversee developers and provide best practices, including for still-more powerful models that don’t yet exist.

The state attorney general also would be able to pursue legal actions in case of violations.

But tech firms are threatening to relocate away from California if the new legislation is enshrined into law.

The bill was passed last month by the state Senate.

A general assembly vote is scheduled for August. If it is passed, it goes to the desk of Gov. Gavin Newsom.

The biggest objections from tech firms to the proposal are that it will stifle innovation by deterring software engineers from taking bold risks with their products due to fears of a hypothetical scenario that may never come to pass.

None of these “hypotheticals” are actually even hypothetical.

The idea that there is any threat from AI – other than restricting its development to a few small companies and giving them and the government full control over it – is a total lie.

This “what if the AI builds a chemical weapon?” concern is like if during the 1900s, when cars were being developed, the government was like “what if cars transformed into Decepticons and tried to conquer the galaxy?”

It’s all just intended to prevent people from having access to these tools which are going to democratize everything.