Al Sharpton: White America Will Meet All of Our Demands

Benjamin Garland
Daily Stormer
July 17, 2013

White nationalists want to see black riots because something needs to happen to shock our people awake before it’s too late, and if these relatively peaceful protests persist it may give people the impression that the blacks have a righteous cause, as opposed to a belligerent one.

Is this all we’ll see?

Some of us predicted these riots would occur right after the Zimmerman verdict. But they haven’t materialized – aside from a couple of small, insignificant incidents – and the media has been rubbing our faces in it.  In order to spare myself the embarrassment of them not coming true, I won’t make any more radical predictions, but I will say this: things may still get pretty ugly out there, and here’s why: top black leader and wannabee pimp Al Sharpton is calling for mass black protests in 100 different cities across the United States

He’s calling these demonstrations, which start on Saturday, “Justice for Trayvon National Day of Action.”  He has bragged that the sham trial of Zimmerman in Florida was the direct result of political activism (as opposed to the existence of any actual evidence against Zimmerman), and is confident that they can force another one, this time at the federal level. The protests will not stop until this happens, he says, and “it will not be a two or three day thing.”  They are going to lead up to the 50th anniversary of the Martin Luther King Jr. march on August 24th, which Sharpton has said will be focused around the Zimmerman case.

Al Sharpton and Barack Obama laugh it up.

Now, stop and think about how utterly insane this is for a minute: there is going to be organized protests of blacks in 100 US cities over the release of a man who is clearly innocent, and has been proven to be so on live TV in front of the entire nation.  What sane court system could possibly re-open this case? And what are Sharpton and his hordes of retards going to do if they don’t?

I can’t imagine there have been many other cases that were as cut and dry as the Zimmerman/Martin one.  The absurdity of this circus is reaching epic proportions, and I don’t know whether to crack open a beer and celebrate, or hide under my bed with a sawed off shotgun.

What can we expect from this? According to Sharpton, only two things can happen now: a new trial for Zimmerman, or a bunch of pissed-off blacks, who are surely itching for new chance at free Playstation 3s and 40oz bottles of malt liquor, filling the streets of our cities.

Is this stage two of a greater agenda?  Did the Jews who used the media to push for the trial of a clearly innocent man really go through all of that trouble only to leave the outcome up to chance?  Who knows?  This could even be an organized effort by the Jewish media and their sellout black wannabee pimp puppet to instigate chaos and violence on a scale reminiscent of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia.  That might sound like a stretch, but it’s not entirely impossible.

Coming this Saturday, to a city near you.

This country has gone insane.  Not only do blacks hate us and want to kill us, they believe they are actually entitled to do so.  They are now getting away with claiming that they are not safe around White people, while murdering and raping us on a grand scale.  And then they claim that we Whites are “holding them down,” as they live off of our tax money while robbing our houses and stealing our car stereos.  The Jewish media encourages these attitudes, and many Whites even believe them to be justified.

So it goes in the Jewish dominated hellhole that we currently live in.  Black is white, and up is down – a total Orwellian nightmare.

The implications of this insanity are almost too much to process at this point.  This could end up leading to nationwide civil unrest, violence and martial law, or end up being nothing at all. The latter outcome is much harder to imagine than the former, and the result will likely be somewhere in between the two.  Either way, it’s getting pretty intense out there, and it feels like something has to give.

The Jews want riots.

The Blacks want riots.

We want riots.

Is it all coming to a head?