Alex Jones Losing the Infowar as His Own Readers Stop Commenting on His Site

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 10, 2014

Wait.  What is going on here, Mr. Jones?
Wait. What is going on here, Mr. Jones?

We are experiencing unheard of levels of success in the ongoing infowar against

Recently, a post on Alex Jones’ flagship propaganda site about Dianne Feinsten, the Jew, claiming ISIS will attack America was completely taken over by Stormer trolls, to the point where there were no real readers commenting.


Here are some more posts from various threads by Stormer trolls.

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Accusations of Wasting Time

I have been accused by pretentious haters of wasting time by pushing a troll war against Jonestown.  I want to reiterate why this is not a waste of time.

The most important thing for us to do at this point is spread the message to those who are likely to join our cause.  These are White men who believe there is something wrong with the world, that they are being lied to.  Alex Jones basically psychologically kidnaps these people with his lies and disinfo.  By assaulting the disinfowars internet compound, we are basically engaging in a jailbreak operation, busting our brothers out of the psychological prison Alex is keeping them locked in.  It is very worth the time.

It is also very fun.  And doing fun things, if not in excess, is never a waste of time, especially if it is both fun and meaningful.

And to those complaining about too many Jones articles: you are not required to click on every article on this site.  Each article about Alex Jones contains the words “Alex Jones” in the title.  We are not neglecting other stories by posting these troll collections – all of the rest of the news is still on the site.  If you don’t like these stories about the anti-Jones offensive, read the other stories on the site.

Keep Pushing

Alex is apparently expecting us to give up.  This will not happen.  Instead, we must keep pushing forward, flooding the place, pushing him into more on-air breakdowns against Nazis.

Links to this video should be repeatedly spammed in the comments.  He is here openly making up history, and this is damning, whatever you believe.

Here’s a reader’s video.