Alex Jones Responds to Stormer Trolls, Threatens to Have Our Wives Raped by Cops

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 15, 2014

Shhhhhhh.  Alex.  It's over.  Surrender your base and retreat peacefully to your beach condo in Tel Aviv.
Shhhhhhh. Alex. It’s over. Surrender your base and retreat peacefully to your beach condo in Tel Aviv.

Responding yet again to the Stormer troll army, the Zionist millionaire and prominent defender of monkeys Alex Jones has threatened to have Stormer trolls’ wives raped and have us all sent to FEMA camps.

He also first claimed we were bots, then claimed he used bots to track us and that we work for the Department of Justice and the Pentagon.  He eventually admitted that we are actual far-right extremists, and referred to us as “racist dumbasses.”

This August 14th response follows the August 4th response, where he defended Jewish baby-murderers, saying the situation was “sophisticated,” and that he would never support White people over Jews.

As predicted, Alex Jones is too rattled by addiction and pressure for his irate Jewish wife, Rebecca “Violet” Jones (nee Nichols) to handle the emotional trauma being inflicted on him by the endless assault by the Stormer Troll Army.  His emotional instability will inevitably lead to total psychological breakdown if we continue to push him.

This is a man who bills himself as a defender of the truth, and yet defends the Jewish race and their hordes of monkey terrorists while attacking White people and blaming a secret group of German Nazis for everything done to the people by Jews.

Mixing attacks on racists with attacks on supposed government trolls, he vaguely insinuated that we all work for the government.  However, the only paid trolls in his comments section are working for Israel and defending him for supporting the mass murder of infants by the Jew parasite.  Those claiming that it is racist to question the feral Black rioters may also be working for the government of America, Israel or perhaps some African country.

The one group who is not working for any government are racist Stormer trolls.

Alex Jones has doomed himself.  There is no way out of the corner he is backed into right now.  Even if he had the emotional capacity to deal with this type of pressure – and he doesn’t – he wouldn’t be able to escape the tactical operation we have foisted upon him.  He cannot prove the conspiracy theory of the Holocaust, nor can he explain why he supports Jewish baby killers.  And he cannot deny his Jew wife.

He cannot keep blaming cops and an invisible force for all of these real problems which are obviously being caused by real people.

Our Operation: Jew Wife, using the strategy of a frontal assault combined with satirical humor, spread across his entire site cannot be contained.  The only thing he can do is remove comments from his site, at which point everyone will know he is a fraud.  Closing comments amounts to a total surrendering of his base.

Alex went on to give an extremely agitated interview with James O’Keefe, and then hawked magic penis juice.

Here is Alex Jones, from August 13th, responding to our Antisemitic rhetoric, claiming that hating the Jews is “trendy” and being promoted by Hollywood.

Obviously this is just gibberish he made up in his mind to try and dissuade his followers from looking into the Jew problem by implying they are “sheeple” following Hollywood if they do.  Many of Jones’ followers like to think of themselves as edgy.

These arguments of his are not sustainable.  Saying that Jew Hollywood, which no one in the world doubts is run by Jews, is promoting hatred of the Jews is beyond the pale.  As we reported before, he also claimed that Hitler killed 100,000 people during the Night of the Long Knives purge (50,000 in the first night, 50,000 during the following week), when the actual number reported by the two biggest WWII historians is 87.  And he invented a story about Rhom calling Hitler his cupcake as he died.

All he has is ridiculous lies to use against us.

We have the truth.  And the truth is the most powerful force in the world.

We cannot be stopped.

This operation will not end until ultimately victory is achieved.


Hit his YouTube.

Hit his Twitter.

Call his show.

Fight, fight, fight!

Just as your grandfather and his grandfather and his grandfather before him fought great battles to defend our race, you will tell your grandchildren of how you took down the vile pig Alex Jones, won the Infowar and paved the way for a National Socialist revolution.

Once Jones goes down, there will be nothing standing in the way of our radical far-right plan to fix the United States and the entire White World.

Hail Victory.
Andrew Anglin