Almost 1000 Killed in Iraq in September (Less Than in July, When It was More than 1000)

Daily Stormer
October 1, 2013

Democracy: it is the best thing, ever.
Democracy: it is the best thing, ever.

The death toll continues to rise, as Iraqi democracy marches on, in the name of freedom and justice, or, you know, whatever.

From the AP:

The U.N. mission in Iraq says nearly 1,000 Iraqis have been killed in violence throughout September — down from July’s monthly death toll but still among the highest recently.

UNAMI said on Tuesday that it recorded 979 Iraqis killed in September. The fatalities include those among security forces and troops killed in insurgent attacks nationwide.

The U.N. figure was lower than its July death toll, which stands at 1,057.

Man, I bet these people are happy to have all of this freedom!  Being always afraid of death, with people being blown up around you constantly, means nothing when you are able to step into a voting booth and choose the destiny of your nation (as long as your choice isn’t for something other than endless tribal warfare – forcibly implemented American democracy doesn’t allow you to choose for that not to happen).