American Jews are Still Pretending Like Israel is Open to a Ceasefire with Hamas

The media just lies.

When did Israel accept the ceasefire plan?

Israel has been incredibly honest about this whole thing. They have said they won’t stop until Hamas is destroyed. The only way to destroy Hamas is to kill everyone in Gaza.

These terms were not a coincidence.

The Guardian:

The Israeli government has been accused of attempting to sabotage a US-backed ceasefire proposal, according to Israeli media, by introducing new demands despite previously accepting the plan.

Hopes for a ceasefire in Gaza had risen in recent days with reports that Hamas had given initial approval for a new proposal for a phased deal, after ninth months of war since the attack on 7 October.

Egyptian officials and representatives of Hamas said the Islamist militant organisation had dropped a key demand that Israel commits to a definitive end to the war before any pause in hostilities, Reuters and the Associated Press reported.

What is the point of a “pause”?

Israel might actually agree to that so they can temporarily reallocate resources to the war with Hezbollah (or one of the other five fronts, lol).

Two Hamas officials told Reuters they were now waiting for a response from Israel, where protesters took to the streets on Sunday to press the government to reach an accord to bring back remaining hostages still held in Gaza.

However, David Barnea, the chief of the Mossad foreign intelligence service, who was dispatched over the weekend to Qatar where talks are being held, was reported to have provided the mediators with a list of new reservations, according to Israeli media.

No way Hamas is giving up any more hostages without security guarantees for a permanent ceasefire.

It’s not happening.

They would be retarded.

Jews are not honest brokers. They would say “oh, okay, just give us back the hostages and we’ll stop” and then as soon as they got the hostages back they would start really bombing harder than ever before with the infinity bombs the US gave them.

The local Haaretz newspaper cited a source familiar with the details as saying Israel’s new demands were expected to delay negotiations, and that it was not clear whether Hamas would accede to them.

Hamas has already agreed to the latest position presented by Israel,” the source told Haaretz. “But in Friday’s meeting, Israel presented some new points it demands that Hamas accept.”

Negotiations with Hamas were expected to last “at least three weeks” before the deal could be carried out, Haaretz reported.

None of this is serious.

Israel has never backed down or even considered the possibility of changing the “destroy Hamas” plan.

That means there cannot be a permanent ceasefire, and it means they have to kill basically everyone in Gaza.