American Nightmare: Over 2,000 Students in Total Arrested on Various Campuses for Standing with Palestine

This has gotten totally out of control.

No one is bothering to try to explain how this is legal.

We’ve now officially crossed the Rubicon on domestic “law and order” in the same way that the US several years ago crossed the Rubicon on the idea of a “rules-based order.”

Outside of all of the politics of Jews and Israel, the fact that the Republicans support people being arrested for their speech alone, without any legal theory behind how this is possible, shows that they are malicious retards. This is now an established norm: the government doesn’t need a legal justification to attack and arrest you. They can just do it when they feel like it.

This is a tyranny, and it cannot be sustained.

The Guardian:

More than 2,000 people have now been arrested during pro-Palestinian protests across dozens of US college campuses in recent weeks.

Police arrested more than 300 pro-Palestinian demonstrators on college campuses on Wednesday night into Thursday morning, pushing the total past 2,000, according to an Associated Press tally.

More than 200 students were arrested at the University of California, Los Angeles, as police cleared a fortified encampment, and more than 90 students were arrested at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.

Dozens more were arrested at the University of New Hampshire and at the University of Buffalo. In Oregon, police moved into the school’s library on Thursday, which has been occupied by demonstrators since Monday.

In a Thursday report, the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project said that although some clashes have broken out, “the overwhelming majority [of protests] – 99% – have remained peaceful”.

Student protests have also sprung up in Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Canada, UK, Australia – Tokyo.

What the Jews are telling you is that none of these protesters are actually opposed to the genocide in Gaza. They are simply pretending to be opposed to that in order to criticize the Jews, who they hate for no reason.

This is the actual argument being put forward by the government of Israel, the US government, and various other governments around the world. They are saying these protests are “antisemitic,” which means that the protesters hate the Jews for no reason. Again: they don’t actually care about Gaza, but simply claim they care in order to have an excuse to criticize Jews, who they hate for no reason.

This level of nonsense cannot be sustained. It is too stupid. No one believes this, save for the fattest of Fatmericans. It simply does not make sense.

I’ve been listening to conservative podcasts and so on, and these people will say “the ‘kill the Jews’ crowd – on campuses supporting Hamas and calling for the death of all Jews.”

It’s actually very difficult to process, on a personal level. It’s hard to believe it’s actually real.