An Address to the Ukrainian People from a Resident of Donetsk

Kirill Antonov
August 13, 2014

Kirill Antonov

I live in Donetsk. To date I was for the unity and integrity of Ukraine. Not anymore. The Ukrainian people have turned a blind eye to what is going on in Donbass. Ukraine was more concerned that the army is not adequately protected, not enough food, body armor, but you could care less about the inhabitants of our region, the Ukrainian people, in your eyes we are all terrorists here. Ukrainian army under the leadership of the Jewish government is bombing civilians of Lugansk and Donetsk regions, and it is a fact (I know! I live here!), and the rest of the “unified” notices nothing. “Not in my back yard” is the true creed of Ukrainian people (and not the abstract “Glory to Ukraine!” Or in your understanding “glory” is the fight of Ukrainian people against the Ukrainian people?). The Ukrainian people have not noticed Odessa, Mariupol, do not know about Lugansk and don’t want to know about Donetsk. The Ukrainian people do not consider us “their own.” For you we are “Moscali” and for Russians we are Ukrainians. What is our fault? That we don’t want to obey the crooked Jews who usurped the power in Ukraine? And you want? Or have you not understood that we were all fooled? It is not we who send your loved ones to death. We just have to protect our homes from you. You come to us with weapons, you throw the mines on our children, and their fathers, who take up arms to protect their families, you declare terrorists. What would you do in our shoes? This is a personal question for you, reading these lines.

Are you looking for the enemy in the face of Russia? Take a look at your own face! On whose orders are the current authorities acting? Does it look like an independent State? The country is mired in debt, the budget is spent on launching a war with its own people. Youth from all regions of Ukraine are dying, not only from Donbass, and this is in peacetime! Oligarchs have the power. What changed with Maidan? Where is further vetting? Oligarch Yanukovich did not suit you, and you brought to power the tycoon Valtsman-Poroshenko, who by the way already for 20 years held positions in all previous coalitions and oppositions, including the Party of Regions? Do you personally pay utility bills on time? Including for gas? Yes? Why do Ukrainian authorities fail to pay debts? Debts are better paid, as you know. Do you personally owe anything? Have you personally seen Russian military in Donetsk? I have not! And I live here, I didn’t leave for a different region and then write from a safe place about how dangerous it is to live here, that allegedly drug addicts roam the city with weapons. I live here, and I plan to continue to live here. Yes, it is true that not all residents of Donbass are known for humanitarian or scientific knowledge. Mostly, people do heavy physical work, but thanks to them, the others can do science or art, and we are not just “biomass,” as arrogantly we are called by residents of other regions!!! These are people with high morals, and degree of responsibility. But that’s a separate issue. Someone is coming here to extract shale gas, and they absolutely do not need local people who would naturally oppose pollution of our already battered Earth. Easier to bomb us to suppress or compel us to leave and blame the terrorists.


And Euia? Don’t make me laugh. Do you really think that Euia can’t sleep at night for thinking: “How is the poor Ukraine there without us, without democracy? We need to help!” Yes, we need Euia only as the market for the goods far from first grade. Euians would not have to pay taxes on their goods to Ukraine. And Euian standards are known to fit, as a rule, specific Euian businesses, so that our factories are simply “out of luck.” As a result, our factories will be closed (couldn’t stand Euian competition), and we will be left without work. Of course, our factories will later be bought out by someone for pennies, and we again will go to work for kopecks (at home to work for the Western Burger?) How about the prospect of NATO military bases with ballistic missiles aimed at Russia, on the territory of our State, which unilaterally refused to have our own nuclear weapons and observed neutrality, and placing foreign missiles on our soil? And in the case of a major war, do you think where the rockets will fly on both sides, and indeed where there will be military action? On the territory of Usaia or Euia? Euia was created by THEM and for them! And what State except Russia, do you think, can keep their insatiable ambitions in check? Or are you so blind that you don’t see that Usaia is trying by unleashing of military conflicts to solve their financial, energy and political issues? Found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? No! And after all this it was the root cause for the outbreak of war in Iraq. And now the country is virtually destroyed thanks to the Usaian Government. And there are plenty of analogies!

Since Usaia felt the taste of military superiority, dropping the atomic bomb on the peaceful cities of Japan, the feeling of impunity doesn’t give them rest, and, of course, they are concerned that Russia also possesses nuclear weapons. But Russia still has energy resources, and above all, has the geographical (and economic) position much better than Usaia. Russia from the point of view of Usaia must be crushed! Painted as the aggressor in the eyes of world public opinion, and in the meantime, trying to hold on to the illusory superiority. The superiority is really illusory. Usaia is a bubble, bloated to gargantuan proportions, that’s about to burst. More and more countries refuse dollar payments. But in Euia they established their own currency not for nothing … I know you’ll argue about the social benefits of the citizens of Usaia, tell the story of the notorious Usaian freedoms … And have you heard about the dissidents in Usaia? Or do you think that they do not exist? But how do Usaian authorities oppose them, have you asked? Ah, Yes, sorry, I forgot, you are not interested, “not in my …”, the main thing, don’t look beyond your pocket, otherwise you may look like accomplices to terrorists-separatists. Better to sit on the couch with a sandwich in one hand and a tablet in the other, watching the hero Lyashko with a pitchfork, rushing to some unlucky official, then repost some good phrase and put a “like” under some pictures. Well, I would rather go with separatists, because a “unified” you yourself don’t want with us … May God grant you peace and save your precious skins. Ruslan.