Ana Kasparian Looks Like Joe Biden Now


This idea that women should be in public was always a big mistake, in my opinion.

People think I’m joking when I say “basically, the Taliban is right about everything.” I’m not joking. But then people will say I’m joking about not joking. I can usually get a point across if I’m serious, but this one will not stick.

When I say:

No, seriously, the Taliban is literally right about everything. I disagree with the religion, but there is nothing about their political and social order that can’t be applied to a Christian country. The Taliban should be the absolute model for how to run a country, period. It should be against the law to teach women to read.

People think I’m exaggerating. I’m not exaggerating.

Maybe I was kind of exaggerating when I said we should do like the Philippines did and tell the police and the public at large that they have permission to kill drug users. Maybe I sort of think that is a good idea, but think it might be a little bit too insane to deputize the entire public and give them extra-judicial execution privileges. I think it was fine in the Philippines, but maybe I was sort of exaggerating a little bit when I said America should do that. Because, obviously, a neighborhood could just collectively agree to kill someone they didn’t like for reasons other than that they were a drug dealer. There are also other problems that could be caused by this sort of system.

I also probably at some point used the term “white ISIS.” I probably shouldn’t have used that term for a number of different reasons. But like the Philippines thing, ISIS did not have basic law and order, and you need law and order. If I ever said “white ISIS,” and I don’t think I did ever say that, I was joking.

However, about the Taliban thing, I’m not joking. The Taliban is law and order to the max. There is no crime, there are also no innocent people being infringed upon. It is the perfect social order.

I literally think people should go to jail or at least pay a fine if they are caught trying to teach women how to read. Look, we’re looking forward to the future. This whole thing going on now, I mean I don’t think anyone can expect that it’s going to go on very much longer, and you, dear reader, will be involved in forming the new society. I think it should be based on the Taliban. I think we should invite in guys from the Taliban as advisors. They will do it. I mean, we’ll pay them. There is no rule in Islam about doing business with Christians.

Point-by-point, down the line, we should install a Taliban type government. I mean that literally. They use Islamic law on some level and Pashtun tribal law on some other level, so that needs to be worked out. I’m not calling for Islamic law. I don’t want an Islamic country, I want a Christian country, I just want everything to be more or less exactly like Taliban-run Afghanistan. Again: no prohibition in Islam with doing business with Christians, so we can just tell the Taliban advisors we bring in that we’re a Christian country, so we don’t want Islamic law specifically, but we basically want our country to look like yours.

In traditional Christian societies, women covered their hair. They don’t tell you that when they’re whining about the hijab. But just look at any old painting. Women covered their hair, covered their bodies from neck to wrist to ankle in loose-fitting clothing, up through the 19th century. Now, I want to bring in face coverings. It’s time we did that. You as a man have the right, as a basic part of your basic human dignity, to go into public without having to interact with women. Women have no right to infringe on that right with their stupid faces.

Because this is what happens.

You see a bitch like this:

Then you don’t see her for a couple years, and you’re watching clips of Democrats throwing Joe Biden under the bus after purposefully setting him up to push him off the curb when the bus comes by, and you find out that that cutesy little trollop has herself turned into Joe Biden.

Her skin is stretched across her face so tight it looks like bones could start popping out. It’s almost like she’s overcompensating for something (Editor’s Note: That’s intended to be a joke about her having a blown-out vagina. I think it might be too subtle, so I just wanted to clarify.)

She’s not so little anymore either.


No, it looks like someone stuck a tube up her ass and pumped her full of helium.

Look at that skin on her arms. Do you know what that feels like when you touch it? It feels like touching a used condom. It’s rubbery with a gooey substance inside.

Is this what you wanted, simp?

When you said you like seeing girls look sexy? When you talked about bro councils being “sausage fests,” is this what you wanted to happen?

Did you want this flesh-beast to be unleashed on the public?

No. No, I don’t think anyone wanted this.

Of course, if she wouldn’t have gotten that plastic surgery, and in fact would have been forced-married to her cousin or some stranger when she was 13, you could see her normal old face, no skin-mask, her disgusting gooey fat body covered by very, very loose fitting robes, and think “well that’s just some old lady, someone’s mother. Not a threat to my dignity.”

And so, thinking that through, you might think, “Anglin is just presenting full Taliban face coverings as an Art of the Deal opening argument, and he’ll negotiate down to medieval European norms.”

In fact, I could be doing that.

But I’m not doing that.

I’m saying: full face coverings. No negotiations. No deals.

Not on full face coverings.

I might cut deals on whether the AR-15 can be the standard militia rifle instead of the AK. I might even negotiate on whether Ford can continue to produce their useless 5-year-lifespan beast trucks, or if all Ford plants will be transformed into Toyota plants that only produce Hiluxi so that the militia will be battle-ready in case of some type of Jewish attack on our nation. I’m of course totally open to keeping our Jeep factories operating at full capacity, because I’ve heard the cry of the people that “Jeep is the American Hilux.”

There is only one true machine of the true warrior class, and that is the Hilux. I am philosophically committed to this position. However, the Jeep is an icon of Americana. I, personally, will be driving a Hilux and carrying an AK, but we can talk about whether or not it will be socially acceptable for American men to drive around in Jeeps with AR-15s.

But full face coverings for women are not on the negotiating table.

If you can’t see this, after seeing 2024 Ana Kasparian, then you might as well move to the Ukrainian rump state where you’re going to get gang-raped and eaten by the wild packs of niggers BlackRock is going to flood the zone with.

I want to see the faces of:

  • My wife
  • My sister
  • My mother
  • My daughters
  • My in-laws

Those are the only female faces I want to see.

Every other time I encounter a female, I want it to look like this:

End of story.