Anatomy of a Fake Revolution: 40 Years of Polytechneio Lies

XA Ameriki
November 19, 2013

wpid-damanaki__articleNovember 17th in Greece follows the typical pattern every year, commemorating the events on that day in 1973. Some older people (many who are today Greece’s biggest thieves) take credit for overthrowing the junta of Papadopoulos, while young Leftists go out and wreak havoc in the streets.  The myth of Polytechneio, however, is the biggest scam in modern Greek history. The myth was cunningly concocted after 1974, but has deflated every year since, and today has been comprehensively discredited. The exposing of this lie was inevitable, it had short legs.

We will carefully go over the real facts.

On July 1st 1973, a popular referendum abolished the Greek monarchy and made George Papadopoulos the first president of the Greek Republic. On October 8th, that same year, he appointed Spyros Markezinis as Prime Minister. Markezinis was an old politician of the past system, he was appointed specifically to form provisional government policy and conduct elections in the near future. On October 8th, 1973, therefore, the military no longer had control over the government, and the powers of the military were nullified.  So then, lacking a dictatorship for the “youth of the Polytechneio” to reel against, why did they really rebel?

To understand the real reasons for the “rebellion”, we must look elsewhere, outside of the narrative of the “oppression” of the youth from the “dictatorship,that at this point had been erased considerably. Due to the lack of a cause provoked by internal policy of the Government, perhaps it would be better to analyze its foreign policy.

Despite the propaganda, the United States actually supported the regimes before and after the Junta, with the revolution of April 21st being a complete surprise to them that they did not support. The reason for this is simple:   the United States, like all great powers of the modern age, prefer to have “democracy” in client states, as politicians in “democracy” do not have ideologies and depend on money to stay in power.  If at some point a Republican governor steps out of line in this system, he is forced to comply when global forces put their money behind his opposition and suddenly he has the mainstream media, Left-wing trade unions, and even members of his own party turn against him.  Let us recall the CIA assassination plot against Kostas Karamanlis after he decided energy cooperation with Russia was more desirable for Greek interests. On the other hand, with a “dictator” at the helm of a country, the “patron power” has no way to predict what he will do next.

The truth of the matter, is that on the dawn of April 21st, 1967, the Americans (or more accurate, Zionist occupied America, for accuracy) were startled, caught napping. Historical documentation shows that the United States supported the government the Junta overthrew and King Constantine was very reluctant to swear them in. The United States and Constantine agreed to declare a dictatorship of hand-picked controlled senior officers (what was later known as the notorious “junta of Generals”) which would have ruled for a short period until the situation was restored to “normality” and power was handed back to the “legitimate owners”. However, instead of the King’s choices, renegade colonels emerged and overpowered this attempt at damage control!  

wpid-lazaridisDespite this sabotage of their plan, Zionist-controlled America tried to avoid the worst- complete loss of influence over Greece, so from then on they took up a policy of “wait and see”. After the coup, American President Lyndon B. Johnson advised King Constantine to replace the Junta with a different government. The first attempt to overthrow George Papadopoulos came soon after, in December of that year, in response to the presence of Greek forces in Cyprus. A second attempt at a coup against him was made by the Royalist movement, but this also failed. A third attempt, in the following year (1968) was an assassination attempt by Alexandros Panagoulis which failed to kill G. Papadopoulos. The latter situation with Panagoulis, who was an authentic partisan and was fooled into  becoming an agent of America, ended when Zionist-controlled American agents assassinated him after the Junta fell in 1975, officially declared a “car accident”. What really happened was that at this point he came upon evidence that he was manipulated into taking part in this assassination plot, and wished  to go public with these revelations.  Regardless, this shows three attempts at overthrowing Papadopoulos in a single year, and three failures! And this is the problem global elites have with a “dictator”.

On January 15th, 1973, G. Papadopoulos exceeded his permitted term limits and all the plots to overthrow him continuously failed, prompting the United States to try and reach out to him. In a letter to U.S. President Richard Nixon, Papadopoulos rejects American offers of free military aid, for reasons of Greek national sovereignty! At this point, successful economic plans had erased Greece’s economic problems, as management was honest and transparent (IE, no stealing!). The Revolution achieved what was considered an “economic miracle”, as qualified by independent studies and common citizens alike. G. Papadopoulos also sought to convert Greece into an energy-superpower, by beginning efforts to reap oil from the soil of our country.   Of course, American offers for free military assistance to the various states were only given in exchange for guarantees of national subordination. The historical letter of Papadopoulos’ rejection, with which Greece broke the shackles, was published in the Greek newspaper “Free World” on January 16th, 1973, with the headline: “Hellas Rejects Free Assistance – Letter to Richard Nixon from Mr G. Papadopoulou” where the Greek government indicated to Richard Nixon that it has absolutely no interest in “free” American military aid. It is noteworthy that the Greek government under Papadopoulos was not welcomed in the vast majority of Western capitals, which again counters the myth that he was some kind of Cold War pawn.

The last straw, in the eyes of America, was in October 1973, when G. Papadopoulos’ government created the ultimate offense. The Zionist-controlled United States had demanded the use of Greek air space and territories to supply Israel in its war against Arabs, but Makrezinis and Papadopoulos refused on the grounds that it was in Greek interests to maintain good relations with Arabic countries.   “Randomly”, one month later, the Polytechneio incident unfurled.

The recipe of Wall Street, Washington, and London using student rebellions to advance their interests was actually common and still employed today. The most famous use of this tactic was the May 1968 “revolution” in France against French leader Charles De Gaulle.  France under De Gaulle had been known as the “least cooperative” of the G10 nations at the time, which peaked when France refused to back and blocked the SDR dollar bailout (a program to save the US dollar from massive devaluation) program at the International Monetary Fund. Within literal days of this, France became the target of the most serious political de stabilization in the post-war period. Despite late-1960’s France having little unemployment, national self-determination, and unprecedented economic prosperity,  French students under the leadership of Jews such as Daniel-Cohn Bendit (who today enjoys a powerful position as a European Union plutocrat) and Trotskyite Alain Krivine began to riot in the name of bourgeois issues like “sexual liberation”, many others did not even know why they were protesting. When international financers began to cash out their Francs for gold at this very same time, this drained French gold reserves, which caused a crisis that exacerbated these problems further that year.  De Gaulle, who was known for being “too conservative” and “too Anti-American”, and opposed the subordination of Europe to American interests, was eventually forced to step down by “red” May ’68 protesters shouting in chorus “We are all Jews!”, and sowing destruction and chaos, until the French government no longer challenged globalist financial and political interests.  De Gaulle later condemned the American role in “propping up” the May 68 “uprising”.

On November 14th, 1973 a completely unexpected occupation of the Polytechnical University by a few students happened, supposedly protesting the military draft. The government of Markezini stalled and did not immediately send police to throw out the troublemakers, in order to look “democratic”. This tolerant decision allowed agent provacateurs, along with Leftist, Anarchist and criminal elements, to exploit the situation. The Anarchists who were present at the university of course have no difference with the ones you see in Athens today: they come out once in a while to burn down Athens and destroy national symbols. These “known-unknowns”  are the only children of the “children” of the “generation of the Polytechneio”, and the only ones who are entitled to celebrate this anniversary, with their well known “explosive” way. By that point, it was already too late, and the consequences are known. According to official figures, there were only a few deaths at the university, murdered mostly by stray bullets and provocateurs infiltrated within.    Postwar Marxist propaganda however, exaggerated the violence, claiming hundreds or even thousands of deaths. Excavations by Athens mayor Dimitris Beis (Mayor from 1979-1986) at the sites of supposed “Polytechneio dead” mass graves they were unable to find any bodies, just coal!

wpid-papoutsis2It is a fact that those who today take credit as the “pioneers” and “directors” of the rebellion are liars, the Communists not only abstained from the University, but reported it too! In issue No. 8 of “Panspoudastiki”, the newspaper of the Greek Communist Party’s Youth League, they wrote: “We denounce the planned invasion of the Polytechnic University. On Wednesday, November 14, about 350 provocateurs , according to the provocative draft of Roufogalli-Karagiannopoulos, sought to raise these issues  through bullying, provocations, and ridiculous anarchic slogans slogans that do not express specific interests. This further enables (using Junta media) the creation of the image of a single extremist anarchist revolt, creating a climate that would justify a return of martial law and strengthening of violent repression. These are actions the Junta and Americans have created to overpower the disastrous efforts of Markezinis to give concessions and prevent expansion of popular struggle.” These are documents written by the Communist Party itself, let us see if the KKE will dare deny this, especially with the great historical publicity that this issue of their newspaper has. Later on, when the Polytechneio “uprising” became an artificially created pop culture success, the Communist party suddenly decided it was the cause and leader of it!

When all the facts are set straight, the days of the Polytechneio were little more than an excuse to indulge in carefree irresponsibility…centered around sex and cheap thrills. Those who stayed the longest and were trapped in the area the last day were the luckiest. They were fortunate, because they exploited their entrapment in the university in order to build highly successful political careers. Many of those on film with long hair, beards, and raised fists went on to subsequently rule Greece, and still rule it today.  Some famous examples include Damanaki, Laliotis, Androulakis, Tzoumakas, and Lazaridis (today a personal confidante and advisor to Samaras), etc. Another large portion of them went on to become media executives and big players, specializing in subduing the Greeks. We’ve seen all the results. In 1974, they inherited a country with 0 foreign debt and a booming economy that had never experienced such galloping growth. It was a safe place with prosperous citizens. And what did they do with it? They destroyed the manufacturing of the country and turned it into an indebted banana republic for international usurers, and after they had eaten up what could be eaten, they deliver the Greek people on a silver platter for vultures at the IMF and international financiers to feast on. They have the nerve to talk about …themselves…as “visionaries”, yet they are responsible for our misery!

So what then, does the Polytechneio myth serve, and the accompanied fake tears in memory of bogus “heroic” dead? The answer is simple: the myth of the University protects Leftist ideological dominance in Greek society. Since the Left has no real heroes, it just takes credit for fake ones! Yet, 39 years later, the myth is exposed.  Attendance at events for it bring out lower numbers every year. Were it not for the compulsory attendance of students, and even elementary schools, we would see the nakedness of the festivals in all their pathetic glory, therefore the real feeling of the vast majority of the people regarding these festivals are either complete indifference, or anger and disgust. Moreover , things have changed. For the first time, there is now a party in parliament and among the people that despises the myth, and are not afraid to directly challenge the establishment’s narrative which until recently were considered as “given”. As the Golden Dawn of Hellenism strengthens, the myths and artificial taboos that protect the establishment Left will continue to be brought out into the light for objective analysis , until every last lie fades away to be replaced by real truth.