Another Boeing Jet Drops Wheel Moments After Takeoff

At this point, Boeing should just lean into the whole “constant disaster” thing, and advertise themselves like a bungie jumping company.

It’s an adventure. You don’t know what is going to happen. You might die.

That’s the entire bungie jumping industry, but also, Six Flags sort of did this after people died on their rollercoasters and slides – they made hay of it, like “do you have the balls to literally risk your life?”

I don’t really see any other direction they can go with this. Everyone I know is saying “I don’t want to get on a Boeing.” This is not sustainable. These potentially deadly events just keep happening.

They have to just do ads calling people pussies for not being willing to risk their lives.

I would do an ad where there is a fat soyman and a gigachad at the airport and the soyman sees that the plane is Boeing and is like “Gigachad, I’m not going on there, it’s too dangerous” and Gigachad is like “what are you, some kind of faggot? Everyone dies. You can’t live your life in fear.”

Then the soy agrees to get on and the door blows off midflight and Gigachad starts yelling “wooooo!”

Then it says the new slogan: “Boeing: Life on the Edge.”

Or maybe: “Boeing: Because No One Lives Forever.”

New York Post:

A wheel fell off a United Airlines Boeing 757-200 just moments after takeoff Monday morning — echoing a nearly identical incident from March.

Video captured by RadarBox shows the tire coming loose from the aircraft’s undercarriage and plummeting to the ground below a few seconds after takeoff.

United confirmed in a statement that a wheel fell off the jet as Flight 1001 departed Los Angeles International Airport around 7 a.m. on its way to Denver.

The flight safely touched down in Denver about three hours later, and none of the 174 passengers or seven crew members on board were injured.

A United spokesperson says the wheel was later found in Los Angeles, and that it’s investigating the cause of the mishap. It was not immediately known whether it caused any damage on the ground.

The 757 is not even a bad plane. It was an amazing plane.

This is all related to the maintenance, and this Boeing diversity program. They were one of the first companies to say “we are just going to completely remove white men.”

You can completely remove white men from a liberal arts college.

But you can’t do that with jet plane maintenance.

What’s going to be interesting is to see how the US military performs after having turned itself almost totally brown.

I think it’s not going to go great.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.