As Stormer Assault on Infowars Enters Week Two, Alex Jones’ Jewish Wife Fears Being Made into a Lampshade

Shalom Shekelberg
Israeli Jew News Time
August 10, 2014

Alex Jones has yet to confirm or deny the Neonazi allegation that he is addicted to prescription pain killers.
Alex Jones has yet to confirm or deny the Neonazi allegation that he is addicted to prescription pain killers.

Last week, the Neonazi Newspaper man Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer declared war on Alex Jones, launching what he calls “Operation: Jew Wife” against Jones’ website,

Since the launch of the operation, six million comments have been posted on Infowars about Alex Jones’ Jewish wife and children and his tireless defense of the truth regarding the Jewish Holocaust, wherein the famous Nazi leader Adolf Hitler gassed sixty gajillion Jews in wooden chambers of death.

Alex Jones has responded to the operation by repeatedly making up stories about Nazi leaders as part of a reverse propaganda offensive.

In the below clip, he claims that Ernst Rohm was in a homosexual relationship with Adolf Hitler and that when he died he called Hitler “his cupcake.”  No historical record of this exists.

Jones also said that “as many as 50 thousand” (plus 50 thousand more “over the next week”) SA were killed in one night, a claim which historians described as “the most retarded thing we have ever heard.”  Official estimates by actual historians put deaths during the Night of the Long Knives – a 72 hour purge of those deemed a threat to the Reich – at between 87 and 300 (the highest ever estimate of 1,000 was used in a 1957 trial in Munich, though this number is not taken seriously by historians).

Critics have said that it is unethical to falsify history for the purposes of propaganda, and that Jones should be going through traditional channels to try and secure a ceasefire.  Jones has fired back that Infowars must do whatever it can to defend itself against Stormer aggression.  Many historians also believe that it is okay to invent stories about Nazis randomly as they pop into your head, as long as they make Germany look bad.

Anglin has stated that the operation will not cease until he has levelled Infowars completely and forced all commenters to retreat to other pro-Jewish havens, such as Reddit. “I have absolutely no interest in negotiations.” Anglin told Reuters.

Alex Jones has played a key role in exposing the hidden historical fact that Adolf Hitler killed six trillion Jews, as well as fighting the threat Hitler poses to the Jewish people today.
Alex Jones has played a key role in exposing the hidden historical fact that Adolf Hitler killed six trillion Jews, as well as fighting the threat Hitler poses to the Jewish people today.

“The Daily Stormer didn’t start this.  No group would tolerate an endless series of attacks on their historical heroes.  What would Rush Limbaugh do if a radio host was repeatedly mocking Ronald Reagan?  The Daily Stormer has a right to defend itself against these ongoing attacks against Hitler by Alex Jones.” Anglin said, speaking from his secret command base.  “Jones fires these attacks against Hitler, and these falsifications of history, in the middle of his show.  We have no choice but to attack his entire show in response.”

Critics have noted that Anglin originally stated that the purpose of the operation was to alert Jones’ listenership of the relationship between Jones’ coverage of the Gaza conflict and his wife’s ethnic origins as a Polish Jew, but switched his reasoning when the internet community accused him of launching a war of aggression against the morbidly obese Zionist radio host.  Anglin noted that Jones himself has launched multiple offensives against media which insults his own heroes, such as the Zionist-Libertarian congressmen Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.

Deep Roots of the Conflict Between the Two Internet News Powers

The conflict between Alex Jones and Andrew Anglin has deeper roots than the present conflict between the two men.  Alex Jones has for twenty years been exposing the real truth about the world: that it is run by a satanic cult from Germany who has a secret plan to kill billions of people for some reason.

Anglin, for his part, has invented a fairy tale where the Jewish control of every major institution in the Western World somehow equates to Jewish control of the Western World.  He has repeatedly claimed, to the shock of the truth community, that in order to claim that a secret group of Germans control the world, a person needs evidence.

He also denies the known fact that either Arabs or the Chinese run the American media, forwarding the ridiculous claim that because it is all owned and managed by Jews, Jews must be in control of it.

Violet Jones Fears Being Made Into a Lampshade

Alex Jones’ Jew wife, Rebecca “Violet” Jones (nee Nichols) has been spending every day since the launch of Operation: Jew Wife at the Synagogue with her rabbi, praying to Yahweh that the team of the Daily Stormer does not turn her and her Jew children into lampshades.

Alex's Jewish wife, Rebecca Nichols, mother of his Jewish children.
Alex’s Jewish wife, Rebecca Nichols, mother of his Jewish children, fears her Jew self and her Jew children will soon be made into lampshades.

“Violet knows what happens when people start saying you can’t make up stories about history just in order to insult Adolf Hitler.  She knows what happens when people start saying Jews shouldn’t be allowed to murder thousands of babies.  She knows what comes next: gas chambers, lampshades and soap.” Said Rabbi Goldweiner, head of the Austin-based Burning Bush Jewish Community Center.

“I can’t sleep at night,” Violet told Israeli Jew News Time, “as soon as I start to fall asleep, I get this picture in my mind of my three Jewish children as lampshades, lighting the dark hallways of the evil castle of Daily Stormer publisher Andrew Anglin.  I also fear he will use my hair to make a mattress, for him to sleep peacefully on after a hot bath washing up with soap made from the fat of my juicy Jew buttocks.”

Alex Jones has said that he will continue to fight against the Nazis, in order to defend freedom, gay rights and the Jewish people.


This article is satire.