At Massive Gathering in Lyon, Far-Right Groups Vow to Save Europe

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 1, 2014

Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Front
Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Front

A massive gathering of the European far-right was staged in Lyon by Le Pen’s National front over the weekend. Representatives from Italy to Bulgaria came together to warn against the “neo-Ottoman” invading hordes of Muslim Mordor.


Digging through the history books, Heinz-Christian Strache, the head of Austria’s far-right Freedom Party (FPÖ), warned that “Arab armies plundered Lyon in 725 and are now busy doing the same in Iraq and Syria”.

Strache went on to blast Europe’s mainstream parties for, among other things, stoking “mass immigration, ideological terror, gay marriage and gender theory”.

The Austrian far-right leader was one of seven foreign politicians invited by the National Front (FN) leader, Marine Le Pen, to showcase her so-called “Europe of nations” – which she hopes to build on the ruins of an increasingly unpopular EU.

“Our Europe stretches from the Atlantic to the Urals, not from Washington to Brussels,” she said, calling for closer ties with Vladimir Putin’s Russia and an end to “US domination”.

First to speak was Geert Wilders, the platinum blond leader of Dutch Islamophobic party PVV, who hailed Marine Le Pen as “France’s next president”.

“Just like you, we don’t want foreigners to tell us they are masters in our country. We say: kick the criminals, the jihadists, the illegal migrants out,” he told the entirely Caucasian audience to rapturous applause.

Wilders, who left without listening to his colleague’s speeches, blasted the “betrayal of our multicultural elites, who destroy our identities and traditions”.

He was followed by Jiri Janecek of the Czech Republic’s conservative Ok Strana, railing against “immigrants who take our jobs and cannot tolerate our culture”.

Next up, Krasimir Karakachanov of Bulgaria’s ultra-nationalist VMRO delighted the crowd by declaring that “the symbol of Europe must be Joan of Arc, and not Conchita Wurst”, referring to Austria’s Eurovision-winning “bearded lady”.

There was praise from all sides for Putin’s Russia, and fierce condemnation of Western sanctions against Moscow.

“Why wage a commercial war on the main bulwark against the spread of barbaric, Islamic extremism?” asked Matteo Salvini, the new leader of Italy’s Northern League, sporting a T-shirt that read “Basta Euro” (Enough of the euro).

The Russian saviour was represented by Andrey Isaev, a vice-president of the Russian Duma (the lower house of parliament) and the star guest in Lyon.

A member of Putin’s United Russia, Isaev said Europe had fallen prey to “bureaucrats in Brussels, who are little more than American dummies”.

In an interview with FRANCE 24, Isaev denied the Russian authorities had played a part in the FN’s deal with Moscow-based bank First Czech Russian Bank (FRCB).

But he confirmed that Putin and Le Pen agreed on a number of issues, including their analysis of the crisis in Ukraine.

“Moreover, FN values are close to Russian values,” he said. “We agree on the need to protect European traditions, including our Christian roots, family values, and national sovereignty.”

And yet for all her growing clout, Le Pen has been struggling to form a group at the European Parliament.

She was left smarting in May when the leader of Britain’s surging UKIP party, Nigel Farage, spurned Le Pen’s repeated overtures, saying her party was still “prejudiced and anti-Semitic”.

In Lyon, Italy’s Salvini said he had no such qualms.

“I can only be proud if people describe me as a ‘Lepeniste’,” he told FRANCE 24, referring to the name given in France to Le Pen’s supporters.

“People accuse my party of being even more extremist [than the FN], but the real racism and extremism today comes from the left,” he added, without explaining how.

I know that many of our readers think I shouldn’t be, but I am hopeful about all of this.

The popularity of the far-right is something very new, and is a response not to Jews, but to the Muslim invasion. Right now, it doesn’t make much sense for these mainstream figures to be talking directly about Jews, given that they are playing to populism, and the popular mind is not presently anti-Jew, but merely anti-Muslim and anti-liberalism.

If we don't do something very quickly, these people are going to eat us alive.
If we don’t do something very quickly, these people are going to eat us alive.

Though I will admit I feel a bit angry when I see them blaming “America” for all of this Jewishness, I then forced to admit to myself that in this modern reality, Americanism=Jewism. We are their base, we are serving their interests through the sick materialist anti-humanism of the baby-boomer generation. These people sold out everything we were as a people for sex and money and left our nation as a blank slate to be written on by the eternal parasite.

Can I argue that this is not an accurate depiction of modern America?  Regrettably, I honestly cannot.
Can I argue that this is not an accurate depiction of modern America? Regrettably, I honestly cannot.

The fact is well in my mind that without addressing the Jew, we will not be able to fix the problem. You can’t fight a disease by attacking symptoms. However, the more the symptoms are looked at directly, the more clear the disease itself becomes.

What is being labeled the “far-right” is most certainly a more in the right direction. If it stops here, we are going to have a problem. But this is all just getting started. The personalities involved right now don’t really matter – I don’t expect any of these people to save us. However, they are serving to push certain ideas which in the long run can only have a positive effect.

So before you slam all of this, look at the bigger picture. Things are looking up. No one ever got anything done by complaining that nothing is good enough. We have the opportunity, through our internet operations, to appeal to the populace and push this emerging right-wing narrative in the direction we want it to go.

If we fulfil this duty, then everything may come together in exactly the manner we wish it to.

There shall be no surrender.  There shall be no compromise.  There shall be no forgiveness.
There shall be no surrender. There shall be no compromise. There shall be no forgiveness.

Hail Victory.