Australia: Anti-Jew “Incidents” Up 35%

Daily Slave
November 15, 2014

Australia needs to declare their country a Jew free nation.

As people are becoming increasingly aware about the Jewish problem tormenting their nations and cultures, anti-Jew incidents are on the rise.  In Australia, the Jews are crying about how there has been a 35% increase in anti-Jew incidents over the previous year.


Anti-Semitic incidents in Australia soared by more than a third in the past year.

The annual Report on Anti-Semitic Incidents in Australia, presented Sunday at the Executive Council of Australian Jewry’s annual general meeting, logged 312 incidents between October 2013 and September 2014, about a 35 percent increase from 231 incidents the previous year.

Much of the increase in incidents was triggered by Israel’s operation against Hamas in Gaza, and encouraged by the hostile media it generated, according to the report.

Of great concern was that the number of physical assaults tripled, according to the report’s author, Julie Nathan.

This issue is relatively simple: If there wasn’t any Semitism in Australia, there wouldn’t be any Antisemitism in Australia.