Austrians Arrested for Pro-Hitler Graffiti

Daily Stormer
March 31, 2015

Heil Hitler!
Heil Hitler!

This Nazi/swastika graffiti trend just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It’s a near-daily occurrence now for someone to get busted by the Thought Police for this stuff, and it’s happening all over the world.

The Local:

Police have tracked down two men who are believed to have daubed Nazi slogans on walls and cars in the Lower Austrian market town of Perchtoldsdorf at the end of last year.

Police said that the accused, aged 21 and 22, had both confessed. Forensic tests proved that the men had caused severe damage to 11 properties, according to the police investigation.

These guys were apparently drunk and pissed off at some Jews. Regardless of their state of mind, it’s telling that they turned to a pro-Hitler message when they decided to graffiti-troll. The taboo regarding Hitler and National Socialism is breaking down, especially for younger people.