Andrew Anglin

Jerusalem: “Lynch Mobs” Riot and Attack Palestinians After Teens Funerals

Ali Abunimah Electronic Intifada July 3, 2014 Update, 2 July: Vigilante killing suspected Palestinian youth Muhammed Abu Khudair, 16, was reported by residents of Shuafat, in eastern occupied Jerusalem, to have been kidnapped. Israeli police confirmed finding the body of a Palestinian youth with signs of violence in a wooded area. Israeli authorities suspect that the killing may have been …

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Former Australian Foreign Minister Confirms that the Israel Lobby Controls Australia’s Foreign Policy

Brenton Sanderson Occidental Observer June 29, 2014 In my series of extended essays entitled “The War on White Australia” I described how Jewish activism was pivotal in ending the White Australia policy and initiating the mass non-White immigration that is rapidly transforming that nation. In addition, I showed how Jewish activism was instrumental in establishing multiculturalism as the ideological and …

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Only 37% of British People Want to Stay in the EU

Daily Stormer June 23, 2014 It turns out, Nigel Farage is right. The British people have no interest in the bizarre ponzi scheme that is the EU. From the Guardian: British people would vote to leave the European Union by a large margin under the current terms of membership, according to a new Opinium/Observer poll. But David Cameron could turn …

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