Biden on Invading Brown Brats: “These are Our Kids”

Daily Stormer
August 7, 2014

Pretty sure these aren't my kids, Joe.
Pretty sure these aren’t my kids, Joe.
When vice-President and token White man Joe Biden opens his mouth, the whole world facepalms.

On Wednesday, referring to the massive hordes of invading brown children from Central America, he said “These are not somebody else’s kids these are our kids. These are the children that lift the national ambition of each of the countries aloft and it’s a tragedy for the counties that are losing them, and for us not being able to solve every one of their problems.”

What does it mean? How are foreign children of a completely different race “ours”? The statement doesn’t make any basic sense.

He also said that the rest of the world will judge America by how we deal with these children. Which is obviously true. The rest of the world is seeing the weakest country on earth, incapable of even protecting its own borders, instead literally inviting hordes of foreigners into the country to receive free everything.