Big Mike Brown was an Aspiring Rapper: Listen to the Entire Album

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 16, 2014

"I go hard in the concrete" -A prophetic verse from Big Mike's song
“I go hard in the concrete” -A prophetic verse from Big Mike’s song MidW3$T, which was one of his biggest top hits.

The loss of Mike Brown, the unarmed teen who was brutally murdered by a racist cop, was truly a tragedy of immeasurable magnitude.

The poor chubby teen, who was just a child and could have easily been the son of Obama, was deeply motivated and a key player in the St. Louis rap scene.

Like all rap musicians, every single song is about killing people, doing drugs, getting money and having sex.

Soundcloud is often a launching place for major rap stars.
Soundcloud is often a launching-off place for major rap stars.

Recently, his Soundcloud page was discovered.

As Brown’s lawyer will likely have the Soundcloud page removed in order to save the family the heartache, or whatever, we hear at the Daily Stormer have decided to release all of his songs as an album, which we have decided to call “Unarmed Teen: He dinnin du nuffin.”

We believe that this is what he would want, if he wasn’t dead.

The Daily Stormer does not own the rights to these songs – all glory goes to Mike Brown, the innocent black child who was murdered in cold blood simply for punching a cop and reaching for his gun.



Body Baq BigMike Ft. Two-Cupz

Body Baq Snippet BigMike

FreeStyle Teo Cupz Ft. Keycal Seldom Seen Big Mike

Heaven BigMike Ft. Two Cupz

My Pain BigMike SNIPPET

Heavy FreeStyle BigMike Ft. Luh-Vee


Shit Talka K Loc BigMike Seldom Seen

BODY Baq BIqMike FT. Two Cupz K Loc


LIGHTS OUT BigMike K Loc Luh Vee Luh Kobe

Crazy Freestyle BigMike ft. Two-Cupz

The Truth

Smokin Dope Luh Vee Ft. BigMike

We Dont Play BigMike K Loc Luh Vee Seldom Seen

My Pain BigMike Single

The Come Up Seldom Seen BigMike

Chahin Dough BigMike Single

RISEGRIND BigMike Snippet

JenningsStations Road Freetyle BigMike Luh Vee K Loc

08/05/14 Freetyle BigMike Luh Vee K Loc


Luh Vee Danny Glover Freestyle

SMH Luh Vee FT BigMike

With the level of skill displayed here, Mike Brown could have conquered the rap game.  I have never heard such original and meaningful statements about blowjobs, handguns, selling drugs and killing people.  The murder of the innocent cigar thief Mike Brown represents a tragedy we won’t soon grasp as a nation.

Here are some rarely seen photos of Big Mike, pulled off his Soundcloud page.


He laying down phat tracks for the album “Unarmed Teen: He dinnin du nuffin” just days before this cold blooded child murder of a boy who could easily have been the next President of the United States.

May the world weep, that such a great talent was lost.

My heart goes out to the parents of this innocent child who had so much to share with the world – his thoughts on killing people and cutting them up, killing White people, shooting cops, doing and selling drugs and getting blowjobs are an inspiration to young blacks who risk having their lives cut short by this racist White system of oppression.

I hope that those of you who don’t understand the art of this poor innocent dead child will refrain from commenting, in honor of his memory.