Bizarre African Tribesperson Meets with Jabba, Other Intergalactic Criminals on Tatooine

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 7, 2015

Today in world happenings, a deranged African tribesman traveled to the base of intergalactic people-smuggler Jabba the Hutt and was welcomed warmly by confused denizens as he gave a speech wherein no single word he mumbled had any trace of potential relevance.

What was known as the G8 from 1998 to 2014 is now once again known as the G7 after the nation of Russia was kicked out for allegedly gassing trillions of Ewoks on the forest moon of Endor following an inexplicable border dispute masterminded by filthy kikes.

A democracy-loving family prepares for what they believe is going to be a simple haircut and shower.
A democracy-loving family prepares for what they believe is going to be a fashionable haircut and hygienic shower.

The Group of 7 is expected to be discussing important issues such as how to bring more Africans into Europe, how to rebuild the Death Star and how to encourage small boys to demand their own penises be chopped off.

They will also discuss Obi Won Putin gassing all these furries as well as how to stop Greek communist from bringing the whole world economy to its knees through hilarious trolling of international Jew bankers.

Millions of Stromtroopers are on hand to immediately beat to death anyone who questions these densely important geopolitical operations.

Real picture (not from Star Wars)
Real picture (not from Star Wars)

Writing this story appears to have given me some type of chronic fatigue disorder.  I will sleep now and go see the surgeon tomorrow.