Black Witch Oprah Says the Elderly Should be Murdered Because They are Racist

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 16, 2013

In a weird interview promoting some idiot Jew film she is starring in, the beastly simian Oprah Winfrey was asked by the zombie-like English interviewer about the present state of the unorganized, sloppy and violent black agenda to conquer and rule over White America.  She responded by saying that all old people are racist, and that “they just have to die.”

I wish this was shocking, but it isn’t.

White people grew up in Northern Europe, where forward, critical thought was necessary for survival, and thus we look at and solve problems using dynamic logic and reasoning.  Blacks grew up in blood-soaked, war-torn Africa, where any problem you had was solved by killing someone.  Thus, it is deeply embedded in their collective psyche that the solution to every problem is murder.

This is really very basic evolutionary psychology, that if we were allowed to inquire into openly, would become fully obvious to all involved.  We don’t even need science.  Just look around you.  Every time a black has a problem, they attempt to use violence to solve it.

The fact that a black woman who is looked at by society as successful and integrated would suggest the solution to some invisible and untraceable threat of vague racism is to start mass-murdering old people really drives home the fact that we simply cannot be expected to live with these people.

What the Hell do They Even Want?

What is a black talking about when he or she whines about ‘racist’ society?  They get everything for free.  They all get free housing, free school, free healthcare, free cellphones and on and on and on.  They are given preferential hiring at all jobs, preferential entry into all universities.  And yet every chance they get, instead of thanking us, they ask for more or call for us to be murdered.

What else, exactly, do they want from us?  What more could we possibly give them?

The answer is nothing.  It is impossible to give this parasitical race anymore than we already have.

The problem is jealousy.  Forced, as they have been, to live among a people who is more intelligent, more physically attractive and generally more capable in every conceivable way drives them mad.  And it is clear that they are not one day going to magically become as capable as we are, and so this is just going to go on forever, unless we change something.

The only solution is to put them somewhere else, and let them figure out their own problems.

We tried to be loving parents to these childlike blacks, and all they want to do is call for our grandparents to be murdered because their possible thoughts might hurt their feelings.  I am sick of it and I want these people out of my society.