British School Children to be Force-Fed Stupid Lie That Britain has “Always Been a Land of Immigrants”

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
December 3, 2014

What you goyim kiddies need to understand is that it's always been like this somehow.
What you goyim kiddies need to understand is that it’s always been like this somehow.

OCR, a group in charge of secondary school (high school) level exams and qualifications, has announced that it will be creating a new course called “Migration into Britain”, focusing on the last 2,000 years.

When you look further into this, you find that this new course is clearly intended to teach an anti-White view of immigration to impressionable young minds.

The OCR board said that students would be “surprised to learn” that there may have been up to 15,000 Black people in London by 1750.

OCR Head of History, Mike Goddard, said: “Migration is an ideal history topic for GCSE students to study, allowing them to consider fundamental historical concepts such as continuity, change and significance, rooted in the major events of England’s history.

Doing this through the lens of the movement of diverse groups of people has the added benefit of contemporary relevance and will make for a rigorous, stimulating and enjoyable course.

He added that students which take the course will explore and understand “the constant shifts in the British population

What you really have to ask is: “Why is this being introduced now?”

In the UK, the majority of the general public have grown tired of mass immigration, and are beginning to vote for parties which do not push White genocide.

“Shifts in population” is an argument straight out of the big anti-White book of arguments. They love to describe what they are doing as a “demographics shift” so they can avoid the blame.

“Demographics shift” is just another one of those code words for White genocide.