Brutal Blacks Kill White People All The Time

August 8, 2013


I sure as hell hope all you White people out there are as sick and tired of all the insanity over Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman these last few months as I am. The whole load of White-hating crap (including the ridiculous racism charges leveled on TV cook Paula Deen) was so obviously biased that decent White people everywhere have now had it plumb up TO HERE WITH ALL THE BS.

On the night Zimmerman spotted the suspicious-acting black punk, Trayvon was walking back to his divorced father’s home (where his mother sent him after he got in trouble at school for suspicion of robbery). Apparently, Trayvon was planning to make something called “Lean” or “Purple Drank,” a ghetto concoction made with Skittles candy, Arizona Ice Tea and Robitusin cough syrup, containing the drug codeine. The odd mixture gives you a cheap high, and regular use may have resulted in Trayvon being paranoid. Funny how the media didn’t say a word about any of that, huh?

The Jewish judge didn’t allow these photos taken off Trayvon’s cell phone to be entered into evidence at Zimmerman’s trial and they sure as hell didn’t show them to you on MSNBC, ABC or any mainstream channel.

And it’s so easy to see the anti-White brainwashing in the media these days, too. To this day, ABC “World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer” not only continues using the shot of a younger Trayvon in a hoodie, but the one with his face purposefully lightened in photoshop by someone in the media early on in the race-baiting scam. Nor did they show all his gangsta shots, like him holding a semi-auto, smoking weed and posing for the camera like he was so tough.

Amazing how they think they can get away with doing crap like this day-in, day-out. They clearly don’t give a good GD rat’s ass about White Americans anymore. Yeah, our race is definitely getting fed a giant crap sandwich these days. The only real question is when people like you reading here today will stand up and say “enough is enough.” Read on if you got any brains and, most especially, any guts.

These violently crazed animals are killing innocent White people AT WILL.


Additional photo montages are on the page under my masthead called “WHITE VICTIMS.” More will be added as I get the time. Please take the time to click on it.

The White victims I have in the above photo montage were brutally murdered by blacks just in the last year. But it’s only a sliver of how many Whites fall victim to this brutal race on a daily basis. They don’t want us White people to get it and have long worked hard to censor or obfuscate as much as possible the races involved in black-on-White crimes — including black mobs attacking White people in the streets.

Just look at this crazy ape SOB!

How about the home invasion slaying of the elderly couple, Vivian and David Bouwman (above right) in Michigan on January 5th? Firefighters responding to a neighbor’s call, discovered both of their bodies, murdered by apeman Javonte Higgins (left) and another, as yet identified, black criminal pal. The two beat the elderly couple to death and then set fire to the home in the attempt to cover up evidence (they do this all the time).

Just this past week, Zachery Sheridan, a popular and promising young college athlete in Pennsylvania, was killed when three apes (including a female), got into some kind of altercation with him and his friends on a downtown Pittsburgh street (probably trying to rob them). When Zach and his friends tried to flee, one of the blacks fired rounds off in his direction, hitting him in the neck, probably severing his jugular vein and bleeding him out on the pavement. He was pronounced DOA.

Dante Taylor brutally stabbed the two White women to death.

Or the tragic story of Terri and Stacey Moulton in Sodus, New York, on July 14th, 2013. The mother and daughter went over to a neighbor’s house to check on a pet while they were out of town. Instead, the two stumbled on a burglary in progress. So Dante Taylor just decided to viciously stab them to death and then tried to burn the bodies (once again the modus operandi of these psycho blacks). He certainly didn’t care one lick about the two whiteys and their loved ones. Imagine the fear the two women experienced before painfully dying at the hands of this cold-blooded animal (right).

The mentally impaired mother and daughter, Tina and 11 year-old Kristina Geiger (top left) were found by the manager, brutally cut up and stabbed to death in their apartment in Clinton Township, Michigan, the last week of July. No one really knows why the hulking 29 year-old black man, Jay Thomas Miller, killed the two defenseless Whites; possibly he went there with the idea of raping one or even both.

The little-headed black freak could easily have washed the vomit off his car with a garden hose or gone through a car wash.

Back in March of this year, a skinny 24-year-old black punk named Jeffrey Hansana (left), shot the beautiful Texas veterinarian doctor, Deidra Blackmon right in the head. She was out celebrating the upcoming wedding of one of her girlfriends back home in Georgia and one of the ladies in her party that night got sick and accidentally vomited on a black man’s precious car. So the vile little punk shot her dead. Can you imagine that?

Some wedding that must have been, if it even took place.

Every picture in the above photo montage of White victims has a story and each of them had loved ones just like you do.

Not only do these criminal blacks kill us dead all the time, but also mob attack us in the streets for fun. The black race is increasingly out-of-control and could care less about victimizing innocent White people, who the anti-White, brainwashing Jew media has taught blacks to hate for decades now.

Blacks are obviously a sadistic, animalistic race and the “powers that be” have long understood this simple fact – but just don’t want our race to get it and freely talk among ourselves about the situation, leading to other inconvenient (for them) realizations.

They basically want to keep us Whites at each other’s throats and continually confused with change, scam us with Federal Reserve FIAT money and get us to fight wars against the Muslims for Israel’s hegemony in the Mideast, while also slowly, steadily, disinherit the White European, Gentile race from our very own lands.

This same stuff is going on in most of the White countries in the West, and is really behind what is called the “New World Order.” Folks, they’ve planned this whole “agenda” from the very beginning. No doubt about it.

If you think it out and connect the dots, you will come to the exact same conclusion that the White race is under attack and has been for a long time.

I implore you new visitors to my site to awaken to the non-stop brainwashing and manipulations by the Jew-controlled media. These devious, globalist mothers want us to hate the Muslims so our soldiers go over there and kill, but at the same time ignore what is being done to our race back home.

It’s time for you to openly, rightfully and forcefully tell all those around you what’s going on here.