California: Paramilitary Force Sent to College Dorms Arrest Students for Supporting Palestine

In America, Elon Musk will tell you you have freedom of speech, then ban you for talking about Jews.

Then soldiers will come to your house and point guns in your face because you talked about Jews.

This is called “democracy” and it is a utopia.

The Guardian:

Eighteen students at Pomona College in Claremont, California, were arrested on Friday and charged with misdemeanor trespassing, and one student was arrested for obstruction of justice, according to the Claremont police department, during a protest in response to the removal of pro-Palestinian art on the college campus.

Students criticized the heavy police response to the protest, as police from Claremont, Pomona, Azusa and La Verne responded to the scene in riot gear.

Organizers of the protest, Pomona Divest Apartheid, said demonstrators entered the Alexander Hall on campus in protest of an “apartheid wall” of artwork from students supporting Palestine being removed after being up since 28 March.

Pomona College student Diana Truong told CBS News in response to the police presence after spending a night in jail: “We believed we were doing what was right, in terms of advocating and supporting each other.”

Bitch, have you not heard of the Hall of Cost?

Adolf Hitler put all of the Jews’ shoes in a big pile.

You are pure evil.

The student government at Pomona College voted in February 2024 to divest all school investments from Israeli apartheid, which was opposed by the school’s president Gabrielle Starr. More than 75% of student voters voted in favor of five propositions on divestment at the school, including ceasing all academic support for the state of Israel, and voting for the college to divest from all companies tied to Israel and all weapons manufacturers.

In a letter on Friday in response to the protest, Starr wrote: “Any participants in today’s events on the SCC lawn or in Alexander Hall, who turn out to be Pomona students, are subject to immediate suspension. Students from the other Claremont Colleges will be banned from Pomona’s campus and subject to discipline on their own campuses. All individual participants not part of The Claremont Colleges community are hereby banned from campus immediately.”

America is a democracy.

It doesn’t matter what 75% of people think.

You have to go to jail because of a pile of shoes 80 years ago in Europe.

It’s called “human rights,” and if you don’t shut up, the cops will just kill you.