Canada: Waxing Salon Ordered to Pay 35,000 Dollars for Refusing to Shave Tranny’s Legs

Pictured: the most hateful waxing salon in Ontario

Honestly, at this point, anyone with any common sense just does whatever a tranny tells them to do.

Or they flee the country.

Those are really the only two logical options.

Trying to fight the trannies is like shooting a handgun at a hurricane.

You can’t fight the trannies.

New York Post:

A transgender woman denied a leg wax at a Canadian salon after the owner allegedly said they had no one to serve “someone like you” has won $35,000 in damages from a local tribunal — but the facility is fighting back.

The ruling against salon Mad Wax Windsor is “deeply flawed” said Raymond Colautti, a lawyer for owner Jason Carruthers, who added he has appealed.

Jason Carruthers, the owner

Carruthers told CBC News the decision was “unjust” and that he was “shocked by the awarded amount as a small business owner.”

The incident unfolded in March 2018 after the transgender woman, identified only as A.B., called the salon for an appointment and claimed the owner was discriminatory.

She filed a human rights complaint and later testified she attempted suicide at one point and became hooked on substances, though it’s unclear if the self-destructive behavior is linked to the incident with Mad Wax.

“It helps tell the story of the discrimination I faced and the steps taken to escalate that discrimination and harassment against me,” A.B. said in a statement cited by the CBC.

It’s unfair and all that.

But are people unaware that you can’t fight the trannies?

It seems to me that this has been made clear to everyone at this point.

The NGO representing the tranny is run almost entirely by biofrontholes