Canadian Police Accept Complaint from Man Upset with PM Advocating Genocide

Daily Stormer
August 17, 2014

Abbass holds his complaint against the ZOG
Abbass holds his complaint against the ZOG
A Canadian man, Andrew Abbass, has filed a complaint with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, attempting to have the Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird charged with advocating for genocide, as they continue to fully back the Jew and their mission to murder all babies in Palestine.

The Telegram:

“They accepted it and filed the case,” he said.

His complaint, which also alleges creation and dissemination of propaganda, breach of public trust and uttering threats, stem from comments Harper and Baird have made about the ongoing Israeli conflict.

“In painting Hamas and the people of Gaza as a terrorist organization they’re basically sanctioning the killing of civilians,” said Abbass.

He’s put together a document that outlines the reasons for the requested charges that can be found via a link in an online petition. The document includes a video titled “Through Fire and Water,”, that Abbass describes as hate propaganda published by the Conservative Party of Canada.

The video references parts of a speech Harper made recently to the Israeli Knesset. During the speech, Harper said that Canada supports Israel fundamentally and pledges to stand with Israel “through fire and water.”

“I’m Canadian,” said Abbass when asked why he decided to seek legal action against Harper and Baird.

“I realize that we provide a bigger role in providing a moral compass for the West than like America does. Canada has always been the conscientious objector to using military action against civilians.”

Abbass said that’s what’s happening in Israel right now, where 25 per cent of the casualties are children, and Harper is advocating for it.

We now have the liberals on our side against the Jews.

It doesn’t matter what else they believe. As long as they are against the Jews, their energies belong to us.