CCTV Tape of Golden Dawn Murders Reveals Details of the Attack

November 4, 2013

Investigators at the scene in Athens.
Investigators at the scene in Athens.
Police have examined footage of the murder of two Golden Dawn members taken from a security camera at the party’s offices and have collected material from CCTV cameras at about 20 other sites in Neo Iraklio, northern Athens.

According to sources, the footage shows the two assailants parking their motorcycle about 50 meters from the Neo-Nazi party’s offices and approaching four men that were guarding the building.

One of the attackers opened fire with a handgun from a distance of about 15 meters. One of the four men managed to hide inside the building but the three other victims, two of whom died, were struck by bullets.

The gunman approached two of the victims and shot them in the head from a close distance. He was wearing a baseball cap, while the other suspect was wearing a motorcycle helmet.

Police have also collected about 20 witness statements. They also found a 13th bullet casing at the scene, following the 12 found early in the investigation.

They believe this bullet may have been fired at a member of the public that mounted his motorcycle to follow the two men when they rode off.