Charity and Human Capital: We Cannot Give Our Wealth to Non-Whites

Clement Pulaski
Daily Stormer
January 1, 2014

Wherever Whites settle, wealth is produced.
Wherever Whites settle, wealth is produced.

Our enemies constantly seek to justify White genocide.  One of the main ways they do this is by claiming that massive third world immigration and wealth redistribution are necessary because they are acts of charity.  They argue that White nationalists are motivated by greed, and that we wish to hoard the wealth of the first world for ourselves rather than share it lovingly.

This argument is based on the false idea that the wealth of a community comes from an accumulation of money, infrastructure, and natural resources.  While money, infrastructure, and natural resources are important, they are absolutely worthless without the main component of wealth: human capital.

By themselves, resources and infrastructure are dead and inactive.  They only possess value when skilled, organized and motivated humans act upon them.  Once one recognizes the fact that the races greatly differ in will power, intelligence and organizational ability, it becomes obvious that global inequality is not due to theft or injustice, but rather to the natural variety within humanity.

Anti-whites bitterly complain that Europeans “stole the wealth” of the third world during the era of colonial expansion, but this is not true.  White pioneers created wealth around the world by developing the natural resources that had been neglected by colored natives who lacked ingenuity and organization.  Europeans did not rob their colonial subjects of their wealth.  In most cases, when the Europeans gave up their colonies, the land was much wealthier than it had been when the Europeans arrived, thanks to improvements in infrastructure.

Mexicans who dream of a “reconquista” of the south-western United States often argue that because Mexico used to own this land, Mexicans have a right to the land’s present day wealth.  But when Americans won the Southwest, the territory was an empty wilderness.  The wealth that the region now possesses is due exclusively to White ingenuity and hard work.  If that territory had remained part of Mexico, it would be as poor as the rest of Mexico is today.

This is what blacks produced on their own.
This is what blacks produced on their own.
Upon being given virtually limitless access to Western technology, blacks then produced this.
Upon being given virtually limitless access to Western technology, blacks then produced this.

Another common claim is that American Negroes have a right to the wealth of White Americans because American wealth was “built on the backs of black slaves”.  Leaving aside the fact that slave labor was used mostly in the South, a region whose wealth that was largely destroyed during the War Between the States, this claim is still incorrect.  The contribution of the Negro slave to American wealth was similar to the contribution of a beast of burden: only because of White organizational genius was he able to contribute at all.  A Negro living in the wild in Africa could exert the same amount of energy as a Negro on an American plantation, but without White guidance this energy would not go towards constructive ends.  In fact, the energy exerted by the Negro in his natural environment is more likely to be destructive rather than constructive.

With all this in mind, if we look once more at the pleas of the anti-whites for mass immigration and foreign aid, we see the absurdity of the situation.  Global wealth is not like a fixed amount of gold that can be evenly divided amongst all the nations.  Only when operating under this childish economic model do cries for global redistribution of wealth make sense.  As White populations disappear due to immigration and race-mixing, the wealth of White nations will decline.  But because this wealth is based on human capital, as European mankind disappears, this wealth will also disappear, rather than being transfered to the third world.

Because Whites are the world’s greatest innovators and creators of wealth, the destruction of the White race will result in an immense increase of global poverty.  Technological advancement will stall, and humanity will lose the ability to deal intelligently with the challenges of industrial society.

If we examine the past with an open mind, we must come to the conclusion that the greatest global wealth will be created when the White race is allowed self-determination and independence.  Individuals who are truly concerned with improving the lot of third worlders should demand the preservation of the White race, not its destruction.  Increased prosperity in White nations will result in an increase in overall global wealth, which can then be charitably given to non-whites in need.

The genocide of the White race would be like the killing of the proverbial goose that lays golden eggs.  Once the goose is dead, there is no more gold for anybody.  The wealth of the White race comes from who we are.  We cannot turn non-whites into us, and therefore we cannot give them our wealth.