China Deals with Moslem Plague by Banning Ramadan

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
June 6, 2015

Sorry El Hadji Slant-eye. Mao does not approve of your strange monkey actions.
Sorry El Hadji Slant-eye. Mao does not approve of your strange monkey actions.

China has taken the very sensible step of banning their infestation of Moslems from partaking in “all religious festivals” during the holy month of Ramadan.

The Daily Mail, which sucks, reports that Chinese authorities have issued the edict to all schools and government agencies in the Xinjiang region of the country’s northwest where the minority Uighur population is biggest. They’ve even prohibited this flea-bitten inbred scourge from performing their goofy prayer rituals in mosques.

The reigning party’s official stance is atheist, thus giving authorities the legitimate pretext to issue the warnings as a decree against the promotion of religion in general.

The whiny Uighur people claim it’s just an excuse to impose unreasonable restrictions on them just because a few of their separatist extremists conducted deadly terror attacks against civilian and government targets. In the west, such attacks would elicit more concern for the Muslim terrorists than their victims, inspiring the creation of viral hashtag trends like #IllRideWithYou to make the Muzzies feel better.

Officials in some communities in Xinjiang craftily tested the Moslems to see if they were following the state order by holding anniversary celebrations for the founding of the Communist Party, in which they laid out a fine spread of MSG-loaded food. Those Moslems present were carefully checked to ensure they were seen scoffing the tasty treats like skewered scorpions and pickled spider and weren’t defiantly fasting.

This account of what’s being touted in the west as a human rights outrage comes to us from Dilxat Raxit of the Germany-based World Uyghur Congress.

In typical Moslem fashion, Raxit used a threatening tone warning that the crackdown would, “lead to more conflicts if China uses coercive measures to rule and to challenge Uighur beliefs.”

The website of No.3 Ruoquiang County Grade School in Xinjiang posted the advisory notice that, “No teacher can participate in religious activities, instil religious thoughts in students or coerce students into religious activities,” although they were posted in Chinese, and not in English. It went on, “Students shall not participate in religious activities; they shall not study scripts or read poems at script and choir classes; they shall now wear any religious emblems; and no parent or other can force students to have religious beliefs or partake in religious activities.”

Government news agencies have also been in on the act, although their anti-Muzzie propaganda isn’t altogether inaccurate as they caution that fasting can be bad for the health of young students. This is true, but beside the point, since you’d think that it’d be in the best interests of the state that this near-monkey race is forced to fast — not only during Ramadan — but every other day of the year as well.

Meanwhile, authorities in the city of Bole called up retired teachers and sent them to the Wutubulage Middle School to stand guard and prevent Moslem students from slipping into the mosque and praying to their bogus god.

Of course, this is about protecting the one-party ruling state system more than it is about bare hate for Moslems, which is something that should come naturally. They’re concerned that this fanatical religion might become a point around which to rally against the party.

More docile or compliant religions like Buddhists, Daoists, and Christians seldom find these rules being enforced against them — probably because they rarely if ever go around blowing up people so they can fornicate with hairy-legged, camel-nosed virgins in paradise.