Chinese City Bans Beards and Burqas from Public Transportation

Daily Stormer
August 7, 2014

Chinese put the safety of the majority before the privileges of a subversive minority.
The Chinese put the safety of the majority before the privileges of a subversive minority.

A city in the Xinjiang region of the ethno-nationalist Chinese state has banned all types of Muslim cultural dress – including beards – from public transport.

Urban China is as modern as any Western nation, and yet they are allowed to engage in defense of their cultural, heritage and social norms, as well as restrict the rights of dangerous subversives for the purpose of protecting the majority, proving that acceptance of multiculturalism and the destruction of one’s national identity has nothing to do with the level of technological development, as we are led to believe.


Officials in Karamay said the ban, which prohibits headscarves, partial face veils and burkas, would last until 20 August due to a local sports event.

Xinjiang, home to the Muslim Uighur minority, has seen an upsurge in violence in recent months.

Authorities have blamed Uighur separatists for the violence.

In a report by the Karamay Daily which was carried by national media outlets, officials listed the “five types of people” who would be banned from public transport.

They are people wearing headscarves, veils, burkas, clothes with the crescent moon and star symbol, and “youths with long beards”.

“Passengers who do not co-operate, particularly the ‘five types of people’, will be reported to the police,” said the report, which added that all commuters would be subject to bag checks.

“The security measures will ensure social stability and protect the lives, property and safety of citizens of all races,” said the report.

Yes, it makes sense if Muslims are the ones who are committing the terror that it would be Muslims who would have their rights restricted. It is almost… logical.

BOOM! Off the train, hadji.  We're not trying to get blowed up.
BOOM! Off the train, hadji. We’re not trying to get blowed up.

It is obviously an idiotic idea at first glance that having cellphones and skyscrapers would lead to a need to flood your country with hostile hordes of foreigners intent on crushing your civilization, and in looking at China, we can see that this is not the real cause of the program to destroy us.  The cause is Jews.  China is Judenfrei, and thus allowed to maintain its identity and protect itself from subversive anti-Chinese cultures.

The natural behavior of any nation is to protect itself through culture, and it is only Jew brainwashing which has driven European peoples to accept the destruction of their culture out of fear of being labelled evil “racists.”

If we rid ourselves of the Eternal Jew Parasite, we will restore our identity by default.