Commander Rockwell on the Founding Fathers

Daily Stormer
January 8, 2013


Following upon our recent posts on the nature of early America (see here, here and here), we provide some passages from George Lincoln Rockwell taken from his book White Power:

“Freedom” has become an insane fetish, a crazy, illogical shibboleth toward which everybody bows, regardless of whether it is real, responsible freedom such as America knew during the eighteen-hundreds, or the wild, murderous, vicious libertinism masquerading as “freedom” of savage Africa and the American “left.” We of the National Socialist White People’s Party believe that Western Man necessarily moved left for a thousand years, away from the total tyranny of the right, until he reached the “golden mean” of a perfect balance between the need for order (and some government) and the need for liberty.  We believe that that ideal political golden mean was reached in the American Constitution – not the filthy, twisted thing the present Supreme Court has made of it, but the original, magnificently balanced government of laws and checks devised by our inspired Founding Fathers.

Those who keep prating of “individual freedom” should take a look in the streets of any American city and see the wild, wooly, murderous “individual freedom” we already have-for Negroes, criminals, Reds and Jews! There is too much “individual freedom” for the enemy. But the Kosher Conservatives don’t dare even mention the enemy!  It is not more “individual freedom” we need, but more AUTHORITY for decent, White Americans, to save themselves from rampaging Negroes and Communist Jews and anarchist “students”, etc.  The men who gave us the United States of America established, not an anarchist “democracy”, but a highly organized state that, today, would be called “extreme rightist”.  In fact, by modern standards, our Founding Fathers, would be called the most rabid kind of “fascists” and even “Nazis”.  Let me remind the reader that his great-great-great grandparents did not grant Negroes any kind of “equality”, -but chained them up as slaves. They would have laughed at modern methods of “crime prevention” by handing out more and more money and easy days in sofa jails. They set up WHIPPING posts, ducking stools and hung those who refused to conform to society’s rules. Even the most rabid “Nazi” today does not advocate slavery, although the men who wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution not only advocated slavery-they practiced it.  They didn’t permit women or men without property to vote.  They didn’t believe in letting the “people” select a President, being well aware of the danger of the demagoguery which plagues our nation today. Instead, they set up an electoral college to guarantee selection, not of the most popular demagogue, but of the best statesman to lead America.

The National Socialist White People’s Party believes that our Founding Fathers established an authoritarian republic (by no means a “democracy”-a form of government which they openly despised). They established the fasces as the very symbol of the authority that brought unity and order to the thirteen original colonies.  And it is an AUTHORITARIAN REPUBLIC for which we stand, as did our forbears. Our swastika is the White Man’s racial symbol of orderly government and strong leadership-under a constitution and laws.  The “fasces” all over Washington and on the dimes in your pocket show the only way to salvation for our White American Constitutional Republic.  The American Nazi Party is not afraid to follow that way of the Founding Fathers in spite of the lies of Jews and the Kosher Conservatives.

The authority exercised by most of those in power today is unadulterated tyranny, though it is hypocritically disguised as “democracy”. It is not the benevolent, intelligent authority to maintain order and justice established by the Founding Fathers for the benefit of White men.  Our revolution must be based firmly on the ideal of destroying the illegal power of tyrants, and restoring a just social order that is based on a firm authority that comes straight from our people, and is freely granted to a leader.  That, believe it or not, is precisely what Adolph Hitler did for Germany, and what we must do for America.  Our revolution, in short, must have as its driving force and goal, not merely the hatred and destruction of the enemy, but it must be imbued with an absolute determination to establish a just social order in which each man can achieve his maximum potential as a successful, happy, and productive part of our great White Race.