Confronting the ADL’s Campaign of Hate

Anti-Defamation League a “bolshevik, Talmudic nightmare”

Victor Thorn
American Free Press
July 28, 2013


America’s Worst Hate Group Far from Invincible

As behemoths of intimidation and hate with an annual operating budget of $55M, the ADL is accustomed to pushing around their adversaries. But on April 28, 2000, William and Dorothy Quigley of Evergreen, Colorado won a $10.5M settlement against the Mountain State’s chapter of the ADL. According to Chris Leppek of Intermountain Jewish News on May 12, 2000, “It is believed to be the largest defamation judgment ever awarded in a Colorado trial.” At the time, this lawsuit served as the first verdict ever leveled against the usually invincible ADL.

This case arose in 1994 following a minor dispute between the Quigleys and their neighbors, Mitchell and Candace Aronson. After this dust-up, as a form of revenge, the Aronsons illegally used a police scanner to eavesdrop and record the Quigleys as they spoke on their cordless telephone.

Such a practice stood in direct violation of federal wiretap laws that prohibit anyone from tapping into and/or making copies of phone conversations.

During the monitoring process, the Aronsons overheard the Quigleys making what they deemed to be anti-Semitic jokes and references. As a result, the Aronsons presented their criminally-obtained tapes to ADL Director Saul Rosenthal, who then proceeded to publicly smear the Quigleys in the media, including a local Denver radio talk show.

With their reputations impugned, the Quigleys sued Rosenthal and the ADL for defamation of character which caused them significant financial losses. As a filmmaker in Jewish-dominated Hollywood, Mr. Quigley suffered immensely from these attacks, being blackballed from many potentially-lucrative projects.

Jurors agreed, determining that during their trial, Rosenthal presented at least 40 statements that “were not substantially true.” Attorney Jay Horowitz stated that his client, Mr. Aronson, “has become a pariah in the business,” whereas Judge Edward Nottingham surmised that the ADL’s actions had a “catastrophic impact” on the producer’s career.

In short, they had been defamed by an organization allegedly dedicated to stopping defamation.

ADL Smears All Opposition

• Anti-American organization won’t tolerate any opinions but its own

Although claiming to be an organization that protects diversity, the Anti-Defamation League—which acts as a propaganda arm and intelligence conduit for Israel’s Mossad—ranks as one of the most intolerant and anti-free speech groups operating in America. On the heels of their campaign against Paul Topete’s Freedompalooza celebration of liberty, ADL henchmen recently set their sights on a campus newspaper that ran an ad questioning the “holocaust.” And at Harvard, the ADL attacked a Palestinian solidarity committee that posted mock eviction notices on the doors of freshmen students as a way of protesting Israeli apartheid.

Reinforcing Topete’s complaints about Jewish-led gun-grabbers, after the Sandy Hook event ADL spokesmen proclaimed:

“[We] reaffirm our longstanding position advocating the adoption of stricter controls governing the sale, possession and distribution of firearms and other dangerous weapons.”

In relation to gun control, the ADL promotes “access to mental health treatment for those who need it.” On the surface many would agree with this sentiment. But, if heavy-handed ADL power-mongers were given any clout, the “mentally ill” would include constitutionalists, patriots, tea party members and supporters of limited foreign policy intervention on Israel’s behalf.

The ADL has also taken an extreme interest in so-called anti-bullying legislation. Bullying typically refers to troublemakers in kindergartens all the way up to universities, who harass, irritate and pick on other students. This is natural, but the ADL would like “bullying” to include “hate speech.” Among other things, they would ban holocaust revisionism or any criticism of the Israeli government.

Working hand-in-hand with this approach is the ADL’s criticism of various U.S. religious leaders, who requested that Congress halt Israeli foreign aid due to that country’s dismal human rights violations against Palestinians.

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