Corruption in the German Justice System Exposed – A Former Judge Speaks Out

Justice For Germans
July 11, 2013

blind-justice21This a stinging indictment of the alleged “justice system” in the Federal Republic of Germany, which has the audacity to send revisionist historians to jail and / or to mete out heavy sentences, and destroy people’s reputations and careers while defending and protecting the victor’s / occupier’s version of World War II, in an effort to keep the German people in the dark,  feed them BS, and a steady diet of false war guilt, nearly 70 years later.  Does this sound like a free or “liberated” country? Who benefits?

Frank Fasel former judge of the District Court Stuttgart, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 2 April 2008:  ”I have experienced countless judges and prosecutors who I can only simply describe as ‘criminal’. I have seen incredible and voluminous systematically organized breaches of the law and legal system inflections experienced not to come against the was / is because they conform to the system. When I think back to my profession (I’m retired), then a deep feeling of disgust comes over me.

Prof. Dr. Ing Hans-Joachim Selenz, formerly CEO of Salzgitter AG [states that] Frank Fahsel, former Judge at the Regional Court in Stuttgart, gives deep insight into what thousands of people experience every day in the German courts […] it’s not possible to better describe the level of abuse in the various divisions of the German judiciary and with the support from the political and business establishment. […] Clearly criminal activities abound. […] This sewer includes the highest German courts. Therefore, there are virtually no cases prosecuted regarding the subversion of justice, or obstruction of justice within public office, for their own benefit. Even sentences for very serious economic crime are adjusted so that only small fines are meted out. 

A thriving, legal, money making “Insult Industry”

“The size and number of these insult processes (1927),  dealing with trivialities – insults and gossip, and forensic treatment they are afforded are beneath the dignity of the judiciary.” Erich Schwinge “Ehrenschutz heute” (1987). According to statistics  for 1927, the Criminal Courts of Germany dealt with 50,000 cases of “insult”. In 2005, there were nearly 180,000, and rising. In England, the local judiciary in 2005 dealt with one case of “insult”. Accordingly, about 1400 apartment searches, and DNA tests were carried out in pursuit of “insults” (‘Der Spiegel’). “Penal laws against libel and defamation are often justified as a necessary defense against alleged abuse of free speech. But they are not in conformity with OSCE standards and their application constitutes a violation of the right to freedom of expression. “CSCE (Committee for Security and Cooperation in Europe) 24 May 2002

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