Crowder Out of Control! Goes on Rape Rampage on Wymmen-Folk at Local University!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 4, 2018

This thing here.

Crowder’s whole premise and his whole shtick was just wrong.

He totally accepted that the first crazy bitch and her friends all got raped and their rapers were free to walk around campus.

Also, he didn’t blink an eye to the fact that this delusional (Jewish?) bitch just flat-out admitted that she tried to ruin the life of some random kid.

Crazy, crazy stuff. 

Already forced to give so much ground!

Bitches like the first one need a term.

There’s something about them. They’re aggressive, naggy, shrew-like, not obese, but not skinny by a long shot. Frazzled-looking, up-talking and very stupid, but inexplicably good at school. Long, padded resumes, but they dress like bums. Their hair is well-maintained with expensive shampoos, but still looks like shit. Always on the verge of bursting into tears. Always in a rush somewhere, even though they have nothing to do. Swear like sailors. Completely out of control.

Seriously, at 14:06 in the above video, this shrllgrll just fucking loses it and starts freaking out. Total meltdown. Nuclear core levels.

The SJW triggering meme has been around for a while now, but this video is a reminder that the phenomenon is still happening in the wild so to speak and the internet mocking campaign clearly hasn’t stopped it.

Colleges and schools are closed eco-systems so to speak. Bubbles that keep the students in a fantasy world. It’s hard to penetrate them.

But this video is basically a micro-simulation of the Kavanaugh thing. 

This bitch is displaying all the signs of sociopathy. Trying to emotionally manipulate the audience, trying to manipulate the law enforcement to arrest the guy she disagrees with, using her tears and outrage and insanity to try and intimidate people into believing her…

And no one just told her, “you’re acting like a psycho, and are probably insane. I don’t believe you.”

This is no different from entertaining the crazed ramblings of a homeless man and trying to reason with him, trying to find some logic and sense in what he’s trying to convince you of.

Would you believe some random hobo’s stories about UFOs abducting him and doing experiments on him in outer space? No? Well, how is this not the exact same level of delusion and crazy? At least with the hobo, I might entertain the possibility that he got MK-Ultra’d, but I can’t entertain the possibility with this girl tbh.

Also Crowder needs security for these events now?

One of these days, one of these little freaks is going to stab him lol. Calling it now.