Daily Stormer Official Statement on the TheRightStuff.Biz Alliance with Federal Informant

By Andrew Anglin

Before I start with all of this, I want to say this very clearly:

If I ever start associating with federal snitches, or doxers, I want everyone to call me out. If I do that, it means that I have been tortured and brainwashed, or that I’ve been kidnapped and been replaced with an impersonator. So please, I’m begging all of you: if I ever do what TRS is doing, call me out. Post it everywhere. Do YouTube streams. Make sure that everyone knows that I’ve sold out and that I am doing things that are going to harm people. Everyone has a duty to say something when people with influence are attempting to steer their audience into a fed trap. 

Recently on the front page, I referred to TheRightStuff.Biz apparent agenda to rehabilitate the federal snitch Christopher Cantwell.

That was a reference to their decision to send Morrikau, one of the oldest contributors, to appear on Christopher Cantwell’s show.

Morrakiu is the third major TRS personality in recent history to have a personal relationship with Christopher Cantwell.

Christopher Cantwell admitted that he is a federal informant.

He admitted to being a federal informant.


We are being instructed to behave like criminals by a Jew in a foreign country, after we were assaulted by terrorists in our own! There is ample evidence that the reds started and perpetuated the violence of Charlottesville, lied in court to frame me, and had the cooperation of local authorities in this criminal behavior. The feds are our only hope for lawful remedy, and I intend to cooperate fully with any effort to bring these criminals to justice.

My attorney has already spoken with the FBI on my behalf, and we are soon to meet.

Then claimed that he got some kind of special deal with the feds were he was allowed to only snitch on his political enemies.


He openly admitted doxing various people to the feds.


He wrote:

What I do know is that Dino Capuzzo, the agent in the affidavit in support of the criminal complaint, is the same agent that I sat down with when I met with the FBI earlier this year. Mr. Capuzzo knows all too well, that Tom Keenan, Tom Massey, Mike Longo Jr. and Lindsay Elizabeth Moers, all of Philly Antifa, conspired with locals to instigate and perpetrate violence on August 11th and 12th, and that they necessarily used facilities of interstate commerce to do so. I provided them with their identities, videos of their crimes, and the necessary background information to make the connection to the aforementioned locals.

Of course, a snitch is a snitch is a snitch, but the FBI doesn’t have a system to offer to someone who’s informing for the reason of lowering a sentence to only rat on their political enemies.

That video contained not only the public rally, but every private meeting he was at. It was a bodycam he wore for 48 hours. It had all of the identities of right-wingers too – plus everything they said in private. And no, you can’t tell the FBI “just use this to get the antifa, okay?” If you think you can do that, then you’re way too fucking stupid to be involved with any right-wing politics, and you should quit now before you hurt yourself and others.

The fed who handled him was Dino Capuzzo.


Dino later was the one responsible for writing the criminal complaint that indicted RAM.


Dino copied the indictment from an antifa blog, and apparently is himself antifa or a sympathizer.


The RAM indictments came after Dino’s extensive involvement with Cantwell. I believe that the 48 hours of video evidence Cantwell gave to the feds to get a plea deal was going to be used in the case.

Furthermore, even if he was somehow snitching only on antifa – the 48 hours of footage only contained antifa, somehow – and that somehow, in some universe, it is okay to snitch to the feds if you’re only snitching on your political opponents – there is a second snitching incident.

He has snitched on his own employees to the feds for making fun of him. And bragged about it.


These are right-wingers that he called the feds on because they used the logins that he gave them to make fun of him on his own website. He called the feds and gave them all information he had on them, asking them to prosecute the high crime of making fun of Christopher Cantwell on the internet.

Making fun of Christopher Cantwell on the internet is not a crime, but when you report people to the FBI like this, it gives them a lot of leeway to open an investigation and start digging. Which is what you can be sure they did to Vic Mackey and Mosin Nagant.

The fact that he is a fed informant is the main issue, but there are a lot of other behaviors this individual has engaged in which should make him persona non-grata to anyone who isn’t purposefully trying to cause very serious problems.

He has doxed his own customers for making fun of him.


He has reported other podcasters to Jared Holt to get them deplatformed.




He called Huffington Post to help with the doxing of Ricky Vaughn, and continues to celebrate that doxing of one of the most read anti-Semites in history.


On Tuesday, Christopher Cantwell, another white nationalist who is feuding with Ricky Vaughn, posted a more recent photo of the propagandist to Gab that wasn’t readily available online. It appeared to be an older, heavier Mackey.

“Several photos have been showing up in several different mediums by which I communicate with my audience,” Cantwell said. “I don’t remember who gave it to me, but it matched the face I’ve seen in several other photos purporting to be him. I know people who have met Doug, and nobody who knows him has bothered to correct me, so I’m operating under the assumption that it’s authentic.”

And it goes on and on with this person.

This is a person that TRS feels comfortable sending their followers to.

So what exactly is going on here?

Christopher Cantwell has almost zero traffic, due to his behavior and the fact that no one wants to associate with him.

That’s probably 100-150 visitors a day. For comparison, the Daily Stormer has about a thousand times that.

And I used to post TRS shows here. I stopped posting their shows because their people were appearing on shows with the fed Cantwell and the doxer Paul Nehlen.

So don’t tell me TRS is trying to rehabilitate Cantwell because they think they’re going to get subscribers. That would be evil if they were doing that, but that’s not what they’re doing. We don’t know why they’re doing it. But it isn’t to try to get subscribers.

Apparently, helping out Cantwell and Nehlen was more important to them than maintaining an association with the Daily Stormer.

At that time, however, they were simply “crossing paths” with Cantwell on YouTube livestreams by accident, according to them. So I didn’t say anything publicly. I just dissociated.

But at this point, with them sending one of their oldest members to actually go on the fed snitch Cantwell’s show, and give him that legitimacy – I am hereby obligated to make a statement.

This is bizarre, insane and utterly suspicious.

And I promoted TRS for years.

I do not want the blood on my hands for whatever it is these people are up to.

And I simply cannot comprehend any explanation for this that is not malicious.

I’ve been asking people for a week now, and no one can come up with any explanation. I talked with a member of TRS leadership, and he didn’t have any explanation – he just said I was a conspiracy theorist.

On the very most basic level, people who put themselves out there as leaders have an obligation to not send people to feds. In fact, any single person on earth has an obligation not to send people to the feds. And TRS has done exactly that.

If you work with snitches, you’re a snitch. That’s the way that works.

But here’s where things get hellish: TRS runs real life groups.

Assuming this is all some big misunderstanding, and they just don’t think it is that big of a deal that Cantwell is a fed, and associating with him just doesn’t really mean anything – how exactly are they running security in their real life groups?

And I’m having a really, really hard time believing that this is all just some big misunderstanding.

Normally, you put forward your best face to the public as a general rule of life.

If they are publicly associating with feds, sending their followers directly to feds, what the hell are they doing in their real life groups?

After I mentioned these issues in my RAM article, Mike Enoch gave the following reply in the comments section on his site:


This is, frankly, insane.

It is absolutely disgusting and offensive that this man would accuse me – I, who supported him for years through all of his various problems – of starting some kind of petty gay drama.

Promoting a fed snitch and pointing your audience towards them, and then being asked “why are you doing this?” is not “drama.”

Imagine if TRS was promoting someone who was telling people to drink cyanide, and people asked them “why are you promoting someone who is telling people to drink cyanide?” and their response was “you’re gay and drama should be avoided.”

Drama is people attacking each other over petty shit, calling each other feds, bringing up personal problems and past behavior, etc. I am against all of that. And I am not including anything personal here. I am simply stating the fact that TRS is driving their audience to a federal snitch.

I see people shilling saying “well there is stuff on both sides” – have I ever pushed people into associations with a fed snitch? No? Then sorry – the issue here is one which is not on both sides. It is specifically on the TRS side, as they are the only ones doing this.

Of course the Jews attempt to benefit from this sort of thing. It is only the SPLC blog that covers this stuff anymore, but I’m sure they’ll cover this. I obviously wish that could be avoided.

But tell me this: what the fuck am I supposed to do? I am the biggest right-wing website, and I promoted TRS, which is now driving their audience – much of which I sent their way – to a fed snitch.

I had previously been blocked on all messaging apps by everyone in TRS, and they failed to respond to my emails. After I initially heard about the new alliance with Cantwell, a top TRS official emailed me, and we exchanged messages, he called me a conspiracy theorist, then stopped responding.

What am I supposed to do?

I have always liked Mike Enoch. I think he is a borderline genius. There was a time when I wished he would be the spokesman of a pro-white movement. But this is the path he’s chosen. He’s chosen to betray the trust of the people, to give his approval to a known, proven and self-admitted fed snitch.

These people are dangerous. Being involved with them is dangerous.

Other background which may or may not be relevant

I’m just going to throw out some stream of consciousness here, with the ideas that have been rolling around in my head and have been discussed on private forums. I’m not trying to form a coherent narrative here, because I don’t have one. There is just a lot of real weird shit going on, and I’m just going to spill it out here for the consideration of the read, as I think it may (or may not) shed some light on why exactly TRS is now associating with this fed snitch.

Striker Rehabilitating TWP

Eric Striker has been using TRS to attempt to rehabilitate the now-defunct Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP). He constantly mentions Matt Parrott, the former leader of TWP, who quit after a highly unfortunate trailer park incest debacle, which resulted in him calling the cops on his leader, Matt Heimbach, calling the SPLC, and disbanding the group.

Striker makes sure to drop Parrotts’ name on every show he goes on, just so everyone hears “this guy is okay, we approve of him.” He talks about him like he’s some kind of genius. He does this on the show he is on with Mike, and thus it is implied that Mike also approves of Matt Parrott, and is on board with Striker’s plan to rehabilitate him.

The message is “go check out Matt Parrott – TRS approves of him.” And of course, if the audience of TRS, that trusts them, does go check out Matt Parrott, they will begin being prepped for joining a new group to march through the streets and humiliate white people, to cause the masses of normal people to be further disgusted with anything to do with pro-white politics.

Striker, Parrot and other members of this former group of overweight costumed Nazis also interact extensively on social media.

I see their social media. Parrott is planning to start organizing those disgusting marches again. And that is why Striker is funneling people to them.

So TRS is effectively funneling people into the meat-grinder that is the life-ruining TWP machine.

Ramz Paul is Now a Friend of They

Another figure heavily connected to TWP on social media is Ramz Paul. This is a person who spent two years calling me a fed, claiming that I was a “costumed Nazi,” despite the fact that there are few things on earth I am more opposed to than costumed Nazism. I wrote articles explaining this to him, and he continued, for years, to simply accuse me of wearing a costume and being a fed. Without any evidence of either claim.


This was while he was friends with Harold Covington (now deceased), a literal costumed Nazi, who was the second in command to the Jewish leader of the American Nazi Party, Frank Cohen.

Covington found pictures of Cohen sodomizing boys and used it to blackmail him. He certainly had pretty bad optics. And Ramz called me a “costumed Nazi,” and said I must be a fed because of my costumes (I do not nor have I ever had any costumes – this was just an insane lie to defame me).

So of course, he’s very friendly with Matt Heimbach’s old crew.

Ramz Paul appeared on TRS recently.


Ramz Paul is a “literally who” to anyone who hasn’t been a target of his defamation. He’s been on YouTube for a decade, and his numbers are horrible. So, again: not getting any new subscribers by bringing on a guy who is really only known by anyone at all because of a two year campaign to accuse me of being a costumed Nazi, and thus a fed.

So – why promote him to TRS listeners? What is even the possible reason? Even if you don’t find him suspcious, and are okay with the fact that he spent years attacking genuine white nationalists and accusing them of being feds, why would you taint your brand with something so slimy and gross?

I commented in the comments section.

I said that Eric Striker was attempting to rehabilitate TWP, and Ramz Paul was also trying to lend them credibility.

Other commenters accused me of lying. So I collected some of the recent twitter interactions. But very interestingly, by the time I went to collect them, Ramz Paul had deleted all his interactions with this crew. Though you could still find them on Google.

Here’s the evidence of all that.

It seems real suspicious that as soon as I point out that Ramz Paul is a member of this crew trying to resurrect costumed Nazism, he frantically went through and removed all his replies and retweets. But who knows. Who knows what’s going on there. Maybe he was just embarrassed? But it certainly is a part of a wider body of very weird shit.

These are the People They’re Giving You

I’m not going to accuse Matt Parrott and Matt Heimbach of being feds, because there is no proof of that, and I don’t accuse people of being feds – I only state that they are feds if there is irrefutable proof, as is the case with Cantwell.

What I will say about Parrott and Heimbach is that if they were feds, they would do everything exactly the same as they did everything they did.

They created a massive, disgusting spectacle – for the media – which humiliated the white race and humiliated what was known as the “Alt-Right.”

Seriously, check out where Heimbach invited Jorge Ramos to film him burning a swastika in a field.

Starts at 30:30

Eric Striker is on TRS every week bragging about how he was the architect of the group. 

TWP also encouraged young guys to dox themselves, assuring them that if they lost their jobs or were kicked out of college, they could come live in their trailer compound and learn welding. They said that it didn’t matter if their lives were destroyed, because it was all for the glory of the white race, and there was no other option but to follow Heimbach. (Funny how all that was thrown out the window when Parrott’s personal life was destroyed, and he was on the phone to the cops and the SPLC. It seems to me that if Parrott actually believed that individual lives don’t matter, the only thing that matters is Heimbach’s revolution, he should have done his duty for the salvation of the white race and let Heimbach have his wife.)

Striker, as long-time reader knows, used to work for the Daily Stormer, and he never tried to shill for TWP when he was here. I would have fired him immediately.

But now, he mentions him on every show and his entire social media presence is centered around promoting them.

Matt Heimbach is Still Partying with the Crew

Jayoh Dela Ray, another high-ranking TRS employee, recently appeared on a show and talked about having Matt Heimbach and another TWP member in his kitchen.

It’s the 15 minute mark on this show.


That’s a recent episode, where he is talking about recently hanging out with Heimbach.

So, are they all hanging out in real life?

If so, why?

This is yet another situation where we must ask: what possible reason could TRS have for trying to resurrect these people?

Again: this is a separate issue from the issue of pushing their audience toward the fed snitch. But is it separate? If they are also pushing their audience to get involved with trailer park yard swastika burnings and these fat marches, should it be any surprise that they’re trying to push them toward feds?

It’s All Just Sad

TRS is a productive radio network. They have a lot of a lot of good shows. A lot of good people, who I know for a fact want nothing to do with feds or a TWP revival movement.

Fash the Nation is the best political commentary show on the internet. Larry Ridgeway is a great guy. Spectre is a great guy. That little Italian guy who believes in hollow earth, whatsizface. There are so many good people on that network.

I have to believe that they don’t want this.

And yet, this is happening.




Seriously, what the fuck is going on here?

I don’t know. And I haven’t found anyone able to come up with a logical explanation for any of it.

So, it is what it is.

I am just telling everyone, so they know.

I am absolutely opposed to all of this, fundamentally, and I am disgusted by it.

The US Congress has already held a hearing on white nationalism, and they are constantly talking about cracking down on it. Most of the presidential candidates have already sworn that they would start prosecuting people. The risks here are deadly serious. This is not some fucking game, and if you are doing what these people are doing, then by the most absurdly generous take, you are playing a fucking game.

There is simply no excuse for making a joke out of real people’s lives like this and then when you’re called out on it, claiming that it is “drama.” It is absolutely beyond the pale.

Whether this is maliciousness on the part of the TRS leadership, or simply some completely unfathomable level of reckless irresponsibility and a complete lack of care for the people that trust them, these people will hurt you. I advise you to stay the hell away from them.


I understand that TRS is now banning anyone who asks about their association with federal agents. If you’ve been banned and would like an account here, please email me at: godschosenpokemon@yandex.com and I’ll get you set up. I’ll even give accounts to anyone who wants to come shill for TRS – as I’m genuinely looking for an explanation as to what is going on here. Though I have to say “full damage control, don’t mention anything, ban anyone who mentions anything” is not exactly the sort of thing that restores faith. 

Update II:

And here you have Tony Hovator, TWP member and close associate of TRS host Eric Striker, a guy who hangs out in the kitchen of TRS producer Jayoh dela Ray alongside Matt Heimbach, posting in a private chat room run by the fed snitch Christopher Cantwell.

People who have criticized me have said that the issue of TRS trying to rehabilitate the fed snitch Cantwell by allowing one of their longest-serving employees go on the fed snitch Cantwell’s show is unrelated to the second part of the above article, wherein I outline the pattern of TRS attempting to resurrect TWP figures.

Well, is anyone now willing to make the claim that these two things are not associated? 

This is a private Telegram group. Run by Cantwell. That a person promoted by Eric Striker is in. A person who is also Matt Parrott’s podcast co-host. Casually hanging out with a fed snitch.

Please. Let that sink in. 

All of these people are connected, they always were connected, and now that people are paying attention, more of these associations are going to be made obvious.

I am not presenting a conspiracy theory here. I am not presenting anything other than a pattern of behavior, and the evidence of that behavior. Throughout this article, I ask “why?” And I don’t know why. But I do not think there is any explanation that is a good explanation. If there was, TRS would be giving it, rather than doing damage control and deleting comments.