Daily Stormer Under Repeated Attacks by Crybaby Faggots

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 20, 2014

Daily Stormer ping-attacker positively identified.
Daily Stormer ping-attacker positively identified.
As the dear reader has likely noticed, we’ve been having some downtime over the last few days here at the Daily Stormer. This has been due to the endless faggotry of butthurt crybabies who are emotionally incapable of dealing with the fact that there are people in the world who think differently than them.

Before the attacks began, an apparent Mexican was able to type the following comments on his tear-soaked keyboard:

Screenshot from 2014-08-20 08:58:13Screenshot from 2014-08-20 08:57:48

Here is his Twitter, which he pointed to in the comment. Notice he is doing ping attacks on other sites, including my own Total Fascism as well as the Northwest Front website.

Apparently, he identifies as an “Anti-Fascist.”

Please note that this person has never tried to refute anything that we say on this site. But this is the mindset of these people. Whereas I could not care any less what some “anti-racist” is saying on the internet, leftists and particularly those of the lower races possess an infant-like emotional make-up, where they are so threatened by the beliefs and values which conflict with those of the government that they spend hours of their lives trying to abuse us.

If I see something I disagree with on the internet, that is important enough to address, I will write about it and explain why I believe it is wrong. The idea of trying to shut down someone else’s free speech never crosses my mind.

It is the same thing with these faggot Antifa groups which try to shut down AmRen conferences and attack other conservative groups. If their ideas or correct, why do we not simply discuss these issues openly, and let them show that their ideas are correct. But for those who support the positions of the government and the rest of the establishment on all of these issues, there is no reason to explain why they believe what they believe – they believe it because it is the reigning doctrine of the corrupt Jew-run state.

How cute it is that they fancy themselves rebels, no? While our people are being rounded-up and imprisoned for their thoughts in Europe, these people are getting funding from governments. But they are the hip and edgy rebellious ones who have fashion on their side.

Faceless cowards attacking the system by supporting every position of the system.
Faceless cowards attacking the system by supporting every position of the system.
Compare to actual rebels who fought the reigning system to defend what is good and true.
Compare to actual rebels who fought the reigning system to defend what is good and true.

Can you imagine anything more ridiculous than taking the position of a massive, intrusive and abusive political, educational and media establishment, and then pretending you are a rebel?

The only place where I can say I agree with the Antifa is on Israel (and wars in general), but instead of focusing on this actually important issue, they would rather attack pro-White websites of groups who hold absolutely zero political power. They insist on trying to crush whatever real organic resistance to the system still exists.

Dealing with It

It is a slightly troublesome problem, these ping attacks, and one which is taking some time to deal with. I apologize that this is time taken from when I would otherwise be writing on the site, but I don’t have the money to pay a professional to deal with it, and thus must figure out IP blocking myself in order to keep things running.

The team at Dreamhost has been helpful, for the most part. Though their services are not the absolute best, perhaps, I would recommend this host to anyone thinking of starting a politically incorrect website.

I’ll say here that donations always help, and I am eventually going to have to hire a professional to deal with these attacks which are not likely to stop any time soon.

But we aren’t stopping any time soon either.

Hail Victory.
Andrew Anglin