Daughter of Jewish Whoremaster Accuses Ann Widdecombe of “White Privilege” for Using Slave Metaphor

Daily Stormer
July 5, 2019

Yesterday, Ann Widdecombe, former Conservative, now of the Brexit party, gave her first speech in the European Parliament.

You have to admire the old girl’s fighting spirit.

But something she said sparked the ire of BBC Jewess Emma Barnett, who has described herself, cryptically, as a “disguised Jew.”

On Newsnight (sometimes now also known as Jewsnight for the madly disproportionate number of Jewish presenters and guests it tends to feature), Barnett raked Widdecombe over the coals for her use of the slavery metaphor.

“It is total white privilege on your part to use the word oppression in such an easy, cavalier manner.”

This kind of speech interdiction operation is how Jews mark out the boundaries of acceptable thought within Goyimspace. When a goy steps over the line, up pops a Jew or Jewess to engage in agonized linguistic parsing of what they have said and what it might reveal about the potential impurity of their soul (aka racism, antisemitism, Islamophobia or whatever new terms the Jews have invented to give the concept of soul purity a plausibly modern sound).

“You know the power of words” Barnett intones over and over again. Widdecombe probably doesn’t know the power of words. The power of words is a specifically Jewish obsession. Jews used to have secret names they would never reveal even to their own family members because they thought that if anyone knew their true name, it would give them a kind of mystical power over them. There are almost certainly Jews in the modern world who continue this practice of having secret names.

This is also why the Old Testament, in the Book of Leviticus, prescribes the death penalty for children who “curse” their parents.

Anyone who curses their father or mother is to be put to death. Because they have cursed their father or mother, their blood will be on their own head.

Jews thought that words, in the form of a curse, had real power. A curse, to them, wasn’t just a question of saying mean things about someone. It had the power to kill. These mystical ideas about the power of words form the irrational basis for the obsessive anti-free-speech activism of Jewish organizations like the ADL.

The concept of slavery has perhaps had a special resonance for Barnett since her mother and father were convicted of running a brothel and living off immoral earnings. Not just voluntary prostitution, either, but trafficked women, deceived and trapped into sexual slavery.

Manchester Evening News (April 19, 2010):

Ian Barnett, 56, a former surveyor, was last month jailed for three years and eight months after pleading guilty to keeping brothels with a turnover of more than £2.5m in Manchester centre, Levenshulme and Cheetham Hill.

He also pleaded guilty to controlling the prostitution of a woman who was trafficked into this country from Lithuania by an Albanian crime gang who promised her a job as a cleaner.

“Albanian crime gang” means Moslems. This is the continuation of an ancient practice stretching back 1,400 years, in which Moslems and Jews work together to traffic in captured Christian slaves.

Photographs of some of the women Ian Barnett had taken to post on a website advertising the brothels had also been taken in the lounge and piano room of the family home.

Police found emails between Mr Barnett and his daughter Emma, talking about his `whores’.

The couple, married for more than 25 years, had a Rolls-Royce and a Jaguar with personal plates, went on exotic holidays and lived a `wealthy lifestyle’.

Miss Landale said: “The brothels sold sex videos to the customers and when the police searched the house they discovered a TV continuously recording sex films and 3,000 sex videos in the house.

Someone concerned for Barnett’s reputation certainly seems to know the “power of words.” That person is the mysterious Philip Cross, who – on an obsessive, 24/7 basis – edits the Wikipedia entries of a range of prominent media Jews and Zio-allies, excising any derogatory information.

Barnett was one who benefited from his attentions. He carefully deleted all references to her parents’ dodgy dealings.

The truth is that the only privileged person in this interaction was Emma Barnett. She has benefited from the greatest privilege of all – Jewish Privilege: the privilege of having your career boosted to places far beyond where your natural talents alone could take you; the privilege of being allowed to infiltrate other groups at will and subvert them from within while never being called out on your unfealty; the privilege of never having your long, dark and sordid past held up in accusation against you because anyone who dares to do so will be immediately unpersoned, whether that unpersoning takes the form of being hounded from public life, prosecuted for “hate speech” or simply having a Wikipedia entry deleted.