Deadline: Lavrov Walks Out as Iran Deal Appears Unlikely

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 31, 2015

Yeah, I mean, I don't know why that wouldn't be true.
Yeah, I mean, I don’t know why that wouldn’t be true.

Lavrov is a pretty serious person. He walked out of the talks yesterday, which probably means they aren’t going to finish by midnight today, which is the deadline.

Channel News:

After 18 months of tortuous talks, foreign ministers from Iran, the US, China, Russia, Britain, France and Germany hope such an accord will end a standoff that has been threatening to escalate dangerously for 12 years.

An army of technical and sanctions experts worked late into the night in Switzerland on Monday exchanging documents and groping for ways to figure out the outlines of this potentially historic agreement.

“There are marathon meetings happening all over the place. There are several issues that have not been resolved yet. These are important issues,” an Iranian negotiator said late Monday.

US Secretary of State John Kerry, in Lausanne since Wednesday in the latest in a series of meetings with Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif that have criss-crossed the globe, late Monday said there was still work to do.

“There still remain some difficult issues,” Kerry told CNN in his luxury lakeside hotel.

“We are working very hard to work those through. We are working late into the night and obviously into tomorrow.”

Kerry said there was “a little more light… today, but there are still some tricky issues. Everyone knows the meaning of tomorrow.”

A meeting between Kerry and his counterparts from the other five powers was expected to begin first thing on Tuesday, without Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov however who left on Monday.

Lavrov will only return if there is a “realistic” chance of a deal, his spokeswoman said earlier.

What are these “difficult issues”?  Does anyone even understand why this situation would be so complicated?  Can’t Iran simply agree to certain inspection policies, the US agree to allow them to enrich uranium, and then be done with it?  I mean, couldn’t these negotiations have been done through Whatsapp over the period of a couple hours?

John Kerry is such a joke. This whole situation is a joke. A manufactured crisis. Pakistan has nukes, and this is a country which is exponentially more unstable than Iran.

I have no idea which people involved actually think this matters. It appears to have been designed as a spectacle to attempt to appease the Jews who are demanding a war with Iran, but they are incapable of even properly executing a staged spectacle.

Though I think it is less likely – as I really do believe Kerry and Obama are in serious conflict with Netanyahu – it is also possible that the negotiations were designed to fail, as this will then provide a justification for Israel to attack and the US to support them – like “well, we couldn’t make the negotiations work, so now we gotta do another war, goyim.”

From where I’m sitting, it appears that it is actually personally important to Obama to both spite Netanyahu and to leave office having done at least one thing right by preventing a massive war with Iran. But he and his people are just so incompetent, they can’t manage to pull off this very simple task.